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March 19th, The start of something new

Everyone wants peace, that is a given. But the question is how far will we go to accomplish peace? Following an ice-cream truck around in a parade fashion is not my idea of an actual protest. Our voices need to be heard, not muffled. There have been too many times we have been ignored because of our lack of persistence. Do we not care anymore? When the war started we protested, but why have we dimmed our actions? March 19th should be the new beginning of a revolt. How many more people does our nation have to kill in order for people to understand what is going on? We are the ones that have to put an end to this senseless brutality. What ever happened to "For the people, by the people"? Time of action is at hand.
Everyone's mind has been set on March 19th, but no one is thinking of the impact it will have on the world. Some people may turn their heads when they hear chanting through the streets, but what will that actually do. Having a strategy is when the issue will finally be noticed. The world is too caught up in fake news and lies to ever pay attention to the public. Our message was heard during the start of the war, why have we faded away? A parade will never bring back our image.

The reality of it all is that we are still here. We are still trying to fight for what is right. I'm not asking for violence, only activism. When our voices are controlled by the police we get nothing accomplished. Those who follow evil are evil themselves. When we look at the present day we try to censor all of the bad things out. We ignore the things that need to be noticed. Four more years equals four more years of opportunities. This is just a start to our country's fall. We experience it every day, but still we choose to ignore it. Our schools are collapsing, our economy is being destroyed, our rights have been altered, and our environment is dieing. It is one thing to do this to your own country, but when we force this on another country while sacrificing people's lives we become what we believe we are fighting against. Open your eyes everyone, the world is slowly dieing. The public chooses to ignore it and now, I believe, we are starting to ignore it too.

With very few time remaining we try to stop it. Where is the enthusiasm when we are just a parade? Why do we follow the system that is destroying us in the first place? "Those who don't follow the route will be looked down upon." Those who do follow the route shall be looked down upon. It's about time we start sticking up for the world. At a time when we need it the most, we lack effort. Suddenly, everything becomes ignored. I, for one will not stand for what is evil. Following a faulted system only leads to a larger problem. I would never ask for a violent protest, I am just asking for us to take a stand for what is right. It is about time that America becomes a democracy again. A democracy in which the PEOPLE rule the country. Where the PEOPLE are the ones that make a difference. If anyone is with me, I would like to try to get our message heard. Take the streets on March 19th; take a bridge if you can. When the public speaks the world listens. There is nothing that can be done when there are no voices to hear. Fight war with peace. Make the effort to make a difference. If anyone will back me, I will organize a detour in the protest, where our voices will be heard. I do not believe in violence so do not make this a riot. I will see you on the streets on March 19th.

suggestion 10.Mar.2005 06:38

U. Sam

May I suggest something. If you feel this strongly and you have friends that do, stage a hunger strike. Make it a weekend, have one person there the whole time and others alternate for support. You will disgrace the Mayor, senator, alderman, anyone you want, just pick a person, and force the local media to come out, or you will die on the commons untill the person you want listens. They may hire some cops to dress up as bush supporters to kick your ass.(but then you can defend yourself-bring cameras-take lots of pictures so the world can see)

Try re-enactments of abu-ghraib like they did in belgium. Have some people dress as "high society socialites"(billionaires for bush), have them clapping waving american flags, as you stage a mock torture session. Dress up like cops but use clown makeup and bozo wigs, beat up the girls(or vice versa) in your posse with foam. Make it fun, have a good time, laugh. Everyone likes a party, have them join the fun, hand out foam batons for others to join the torture.

Stage a fake shouting match. Have one of your friends hold bush signs, pretend an argument, then have your friend rip it up when you draw attention, then laugh and shake hands or even better, KISS. Confuse, distract, deceive. Use their tactics(they work well). Truth is not working.
India, women burn effigies of the police protesting anti-terror bill
India, women burn effigies of the police protesting anti-terror bill

no parade for us 10.Mar.2005 11:43


but you will see our work.

Staging and gathering process... 11.Mar.2005 18:34

Bright Lights

Ben, again, thank you for your inspiration. We must organize. Organization is the key to our success. Have you seen what happened with the peaceful protests in Lebanon? Syria retreated their military outposts in Lebanon. If enough people manifest in a peaceful fashion and do non-violent activism our goal will prove successful regardless of the corporate media's reaction. WE DO HAVE A VOICE AND WE WILL BE HEARD! Remember, I'll be bringing bright lights to shine on the obvious corporate media so that our Indy Photographers can get the real scoop. The question remains though, how do we organize and stage our events without the risk of infiltration or infighting amongst ourselves? Every protesters dilemma I suppose... Lead us Ben and the bright lights will follow...

brief thoughts. 12.Mar.2005 08:28


it's true you've got to organize, and you've got to get organized in advance (as in several months before an event), not a week before.

Calling and advertising (which means getting beyond the indymedia ghetto -- Indy is not all of portland's progressive community!!) public organzing meetings is a big part of this, planning an agenda for the meeting, following through with task, creating committees, etc.

J20 was at least a modest success because organizing started in mid-November, dozens of local groups were contacted from the get go, and the 1st planning meeting was announced almost 2 weeks in advance.

This process started with just a small, small group of people, but by the end nearly 70 folks passed through meetings, and thousands attended the protests.

Good meeting facilitation, good planning, good big-picture vision in advance goes a long way. Could have had more of the 1st for j20....!

Check out this little piece too:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/11/302036.shtml

more effective ways of demonstrating 13.Mar.2005 16:11

its worth it

a more effective way of demonstrating starts with taking a step back and considering what we want, and then developing our strategy from there. If our motivation is to feel insular with other anti-war people, than the old form of self-centered, follow a megaphone with signs demo is fine. If our motivation is to make an anti-war voice heard by as many people as possible, our strategy should be changed to suit this end. Namely, distributing demonstrators through-out the city to focus on the people of this city and telling them what we think is going on. This means small groups at major intersections, sidewalks, and freeway overpasses, banners also strategically placed would add to this effectiveness. Basically this city could not go home that night without everyone seeing a strong anti-war or anti-terror-state message. The truth saves lives. Let's get it out there!

Great Ideas! 14.Mar.2005 16:32


Dear Friend:

Your comments are so right. We need to plan to be out at every intersection in many many areas of the city. We need to be visible in new ways. We ghettoize ourselves by marching downtown...when
we should be everywhere with new, interesting, soulful or amusing ways to reach others.We need to get out of our comfort zones and talk to people all over the city who may not agree with us. Ordinary people are so sick of this war....they just need a little push to get on the Peace Train.