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imperialism & war

Zbigniew Brzezinski protest at Lewis & Clark on Thurs., 3/9 at 6pm?

i was out doing some flyering today and saw some posters that said something like that on them. i didn't want to take one down so i could remember the details, and i didn't have anything to write with, and i was hoping to find something here on indymedia when i got home. but there ain't nuthin!
so, what's the story? does anyone have any details?
ah 09.Mar.2005 21:09


all i know is that thursday is on 3/10

Z-Big (from- Mike Ruppert) 09.Mar.2005 21:33


"I believe that in its desperation to secure an attack "on the order of Pearl Harbor" (that would, as Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 1997, cause the Amercian people to support "the imperial mobilization necessary" to control 60% of the world's known energy resources), controlling elements of the US government, using highly compartmentalized procedures, saw to it that the attacks were carried out."