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John Kerry is leading a movement in the Senate to force the Senate to hold hearings about the shameful facts concerning child health and medical insurance in the U.S.A. He has 500,000 on-line citizen "co-sponsors" for legislation to try to right the wrongs. We would like to get to 1,000,000 on-line signatures within the next 30 days.
Kerry recently voted for cloture to stop the bankruptcy so-called "reform". He voted for Kennedy's amendment to try to raise the minimum wage from where it is now (below poverty level). Both these efforts failed in votes mostly along party-lines in the Republican controlled Congress. About all that can be done, in this era of Republican-controlled Senate AND House AND White House AND Supreme Court AND Federal Election Commission is to get the public involved in making demands that, at least, the Congress should hold hearings about the enormous problems that we face here on the ground in America. It is impossible for such movements to seek expression in the House, because Republican House leaders have changed the rules so that minority (Democrat and one Independent) members cannot even bring a bill to the floor for a vote or force any hearings or anything else.

I WILL NOT BE RESPONDING TO TROLLS AND OTHERS WHO MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST THIS OPORTUNITY TO POST SCURILOUS COMMENTS AND DOCTORED PHOTOGRAPHS ABOUT KERRY. HOWEVER, I note that at the Kerry web-site for this Kids First movement, there is a space for your comments. So, you CAN support Kids First without supporting Kerry! Think about it!


In the U.S. today --

* 1/4 of children are not fully up to date on their basic immunizations.
* 1/3 with chronic asthma do not get a prescription for medications they need.
* 1/2 of uninsured children have not had a well child visit in the past year.
* 1 in 6 has delayed or unmet medical needs.
* 1 in 5 has trouble accessing health care.
* 1 in 4 does not see a dentist annually.
* 1 in 3 had no health insurance during 2002 and 2003.

Hey, I was and still am for Dennis Kucinich -- but this Kids First thing deserves support!