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what's going on this summer?

I'm trying to plan my adventures for the rest of the year, and I was wondering if folks knew of cool, radical things going on?
So, do you know about a conference or protest going on? why don't ya tell me?
Summer Fun 09.Mar.2005 21:05

edgar_friendly jrdink@hotmail.com

I want to attend the 2005 Conference called Practically Speaking: Anarchism and Christianity in Word and Deed in August in Chicago. I'd like to put together a Salvage Logging Scam Roadshow to travel there and do education regarding the Biscuit along the way and way back. I was out at the green bridge this evening, and the camp is growing and spirits are high! Everyone should come.
The conference is at www.jesusradicals.org. Interested in a salvage scam roadshow, contact me.

something else to think about 09.Mar.2005 22:56


the earth first rondy is in the mt. hood national forest, july 4-11 or something like that. contact cascadia rising for more info...