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"BEST OF" pdx indymedia Videos from The Resistance show, 3/24 @ Reed

Mark your calendars! Thursday, March. 24, 7pm in Vollum Lecture Hall at Reed College: a special "BEST OF" edition of portland indymedia Videos from The Resistance. Featuring videos covering a variety of topics, and by different editors, going back over the past two years.
The program isn't finalized yet, but here's what's on the schedule so far:
  • A30 Critical Mass bike ride (2002) - a week after the famous Bush protest of Aug. 22, 2002, the city's police and cyclists were both all wound up. The police cracked down on the several-hundred strong Mass, and even arrested Kermit the Frog.
  • Day X: Iraq Invasion Protests (2003) - on March 20, 2003, the people of Portland erupted onto the streets with love+rage to protest the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. military. Various bridges and highways were taken and blocked, and a free state was briefly staged at 3rd & Burnside. Edited from the footage of over a dozen street videographers.
  • Lie2U News (2003) - in the week following the Iraq invasion, people continued to protest throughout downtown. The corporate media coverage was typically slanted against the citizenry and for the police. This video dissects two different incidents when the corporate media stories were not merely misleading but actually a pack of lies.
  • The Price of Consumption (2004) - this artistic video graphically portrays the true costs of oil and animal consumption.
  • After the Last Stand (2004) - this impressively produced work attempts to delve into the heart of forest consciousness and the consequences of not saving the last wild places. Features footage of the now imprisoned Tre Arrow.
  • Buy Nothing Day (2004) - PDX Culture Jammers descend on downtown on the day after Thanksgiving (the busiest shopping day of the year) to disrupt business-as-usual with creativity and humor.
  • Perry Center Strike & Victory (2005) - Striking Perry Center workers and community supporters take over the lobby of a building downtown. Several commit direct action and are arrested. The next day, their bosses cave to their demands.
  • J20 PDX Inauguration Actions (2005) - The day George W. was re-installed, people took action in Portland. This three-in-one video features an anti-corporate media event, a rally and march downtown, and the take-over of a Chevron station.
  • Rally to Save The Biscuit (2005) - Portlanders gather at the Forest Service Building downtown to protest the largest timber sale in modern history.
Of course this collection leaves out some cool videos; there's way to many "Best Of" for one showing. So keep your eye out for future "Best Of" shows, where the program will change.

This showing of Videos from The Resistance, like all of them, is Free of Charge.

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Just added: Direct Action from Fiddler Timber Sale in Biscuit 14.Mar.2005 20:12


we'll be swappin' something out to show a just rec'd 6min video about some of the Direct Action that happened on 3/7/04 in defense of the forest. you don't want to miss this!