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Handbill re Buscuit

Here's a word doc handbill.
Handbill re the big B.
Handbill re the big B.
If yer not gonna post it near a school with finals coming, then edit the text in the box that says "While we're preparing for finals..." Or slap a new text box on top of it. Sorry not perfect, but figured better than nothing. Prints nice in color.
My apologies... 09.Mar.2005 00:00


for the misspelling in the title of this post! I was being silly in the description here, didn't realize I misspelled the title of the post too. I swear there are NO misspellings in the handbill itself. Check it out!

a little idle commentary by a seattleite 09.Mar.2005 09:02


i found myself at minnies yesterday enjoying a lager and flipping through the mainstream paper. It was about those defending buiscut. I thought as I read that even though the activists themselves weren't given a voice, the _issue_ itself was brought out, and the main points the activists had were aired. Just wanted to say great job. Its working.