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Portland Community Gardens Spared Budget Cuts!!

At the Tuesday evening budget hearing for the Parks Department, Commissioner Saltzman prefaced the meeting by stating that the community gardens program would be spared budget cuts for one more year.
While a great temporary victory, we who utilize this fantastic system need to use this year to help figure out some ways to cut expenses.
No No No 10.Mar.2005 10:42


"we who utilize this fantastic system need to use this year to help figure out some ways to cut expenses" - No No No

Those who utilize this fantastic system need to understand politcs and read the WW story on page 5 yesterday. We need the Parks and Rec admins and directors to cut costs in the Portland Parks and Rec bureau buy cutting the 17 "ghost" positions the have on the books and in the budget - not the gardens program. This is a budgetary and PR scam. They propose to cut the gardens general funding ($115,000 per year) while they keep well over a quarter million (estimate cost of 17 staff positions) dollars to themselves. Shame on them. These ghost employee are not on the job doing any work for us - CUT THEM and their budget $.

It's just like cutting school days - just a political move to keep funding for the admins and directors at the cost of the students. Or letting people out of jail early due to "lack of funds" while the polic bureau has 65 funded yet vacant postions. Politics. It's all pilitics and those that faught the garden fight (I support them too) need to study up on how the parks and rec budget works. Cushy admin jobs, highly paid staff, too many staff, consultants - NOT GARDENS. Let's get more gardens and let's lower the cost to users from $45 a year to $35!