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forest defense

Shadow of Giants in Eugene and Portland

Excellent theater production about the destruction of Old Growth forests and the struggle to protect them.
Shadow of Giants
Shadow of Giants
"Shadow of Giants" gears up for tour One woman. One tree. One act of resistance. Tour Dates: March 8-9- Lord Leebrick Theatre, Eugene, OR. March 11-13- West End Theatre, Portland, OR. March 19- Arena Theatre, Point Arena, CA.

"Shadow of Giants" is about the struggle over one redwood tree. A struggle with international ramifications. A struggle that involves tree sitters, logger/climbers, ghosts and mythology. Portrayed through the eyes of one woman and the tree she chooses to occupy, this powerful new play depicts the ongoing conflict between environmentalists fighting to preserve the remaining redwood trees of the Pacific Northwest and the business interests of the big lumber companies who own them. In the middle is a divided community in crisis.

"Shadow of Giants' proves that the Dell'Arte Company has returned to the frontline of creative risk taking." - Eureka Times-Standard

"Giants' tackles Humboldt County's most divisive issue with humor, care and passion." - Arcata Eye

Based in a former logging town on California's north coast, the Dell'Arte Company is an artist-managed professional touring company. This ongoing ensemble of artists has created more than 35 award-winning, original works of physical theatre since 1977 and has toured to great acclaim at festivals around the world. Visit www.dellarte.com for more information.

SCHEDULE OF TOUR DATES AND CONTACT INFO: ? March 4-6 - Carlo Theatre, Dell'Arte, Blue Lake, CA. Tickets are $13 general and $11 students/seniors. Call 707-668-5663. ? March 8-9 - Lord Leebrick Theatre, Eugene, OR. Tickets are $12/general and $8 students/seniors. Call 541-465-1506. ? March 11-13 - West End Theatre. Portland, OR. Tickets are $15 general and $12 students/seniors. Call 503-234-0973. ? March 19 - Arena Theatre, Point Arena, CA (Mendocino Coast) For more information visit: http://www.dellarte.com/shadow/
Where is this theatre 08.Mar.2005 21:51

I can't find it in the phone book

Where is this theatre? I can't find it in the phone book

directions 08.Mar.2005 23:19


If you are looking for directions to the Portland venue, they can be found here:  http://digbig.com/4cwjw

If it's Eugene you're looking for, L.L.T. is on Charnelton between W. 5th and 6th.