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Coffee Ruins

Pre-dried weight is good today
I will make enough to eat twice
on Sunday I watch my 'pouty lipped' TV for free
sipping all the brown drops squeezed out of a Guatemalan sky...Seven years more till the Mayan calendar
runs out

It's shade grown
sun dried and organic
hand-picked by humans
who ate only whole foods
never watched television
or touched a computer
They slept only in grass huts
or corrugated aluminum lean-tos
without electricity
and cooked ox-tail soup
over open pit fires
with whole roasted fish
eyes burnt yellow and crusted
as the corn cakes wrapped in cane leaves
pulled from the coals

They never owned a cd
let alone a cd played
or complained about a car
that didn't have one
Just green coffee beans
on greener bushes
they plucked all day
without any boombox music
rap or metal
wrap-around sunglasses
or sun block or tips
from their personal trainer
on how to climb up and down
the steep hill all day
without the benefit of spinning
classes to improve their cardio
or lower their body fat
so they could get bigger roles on V

They can't imagine
having a crush on a TV star
like Jennifer garner
and what it means to
hike the relentless hills and valleys
of popular culture
looking for articles pictures profiles
of her angular jutting jaw
and needing another fix
of her 'pouty lipped' TV
to fill my quota of empty existential
organic shade grown
sun dried coffee
gulps me down so bitter
sweet and black
as the wig she wore
on the last episode

Dawn smacks open
joyfully waiting for the workers to rise
and fill their burlap shoulder sacks
overflowing before the equatorial sun
starts to bite
Sharp acid finish
to this sentence
Organically I drink
Guatemala El Salvador Costa Rica
so smooth mocha brown
as Jennifer's hair
on the cover of another
'It girl' magazine
delivered to the masses
yearning to be free
of their bondage
to better
grown coffee
can't be found anywhere

I am
sipping my sadness
on International Women's Day
dating a blue pen
that remembers every brown haired
shade grown
sun dried
organic woman
with wet saucer blue eyes
waiting for the next cup
or the last cup
of her to finish
so I can switch on Jennifer's show
watch her beat up
bad guys
like they're empty straw-filled scarecrows

This is my last chance
to turn off the Internet
and find
shade grown sun dried
picking the oily green beans
all day
a burlap sack of memories
dropped down on the scale
Pre-dried weight is good today
I will make enough
to eat twice
on Sunday
I watch my 'pouty lipped' TV
for free
sipping all the brown drops
squeezed out of a Guatemalan sky
Seven years more till the Mayan calendar
runs out

to visit yourself
in the prison of products
you must have each day
to drive the mythical open highway
than a receding hairline
rush home to the big empty
bathed in the light of her last gleaming
electron smile
shaded from life itself
lips dried and cracked
by electric sun
pours out of her 'pouty lipped' TV
For these few moments together
are paid with the currency of another dead tomorrow

'Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray
all the people
who feed me coffee
and clothe me cotton
my soul to weep'

fearless tears
wet Jennifer's thick lips
in the close-up
cliff-hanger finale
This is your last episode
to believe in forever
hand-picked coffee sunsets
till next week

Gary Aker
From the collected work, "Bones Of Deceit: a study in cultural anthropology"
hmm 08.Mar.2005 19:07

Yanqui Latina

Wow, what part of Guatemala did you go to? My experience with the people there was totally different. They took part in many of these things, (for example, the many pornographic posters in the markets) despite their poverty.