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9.11 investigation

The Homeland Security Schutzstaffien And "Terrorism"

The Homeland Security Training Centre
For The Empire's terrorist Network
"God Bless My Empire's Future Cannon Fodder" says Dubya
In the south-west corner of New Mexico is the remote
quiet Chiricahua high desert, at an altitude of 4,500
feet, home to lizards, rattlesnakes, cacti, and scrub

Aside from the Animas Mountains to the west, and the
Hatchet Mountains to the north, there is little else to
see in this somewhat remote area, the occasional
home, or herds of cattle grazing in pastures.
These, along with the long black snake of asphalt that
runs southward are the only reminders of man in this
semi-desolate area.

Continuing south, deeper into the desert, the town of
Playas suddenly appears, with its well-manicured
lawns, and tree-lined streets.
Playas was built in the early '70's, by Phelps-Dodge,
the corporate "Copper King."
The towns residents worked at the company smelter,
which produced 800, 000 metric tonnes of copper a
year. Playa became pretty much of a ghost town
in 1999, when Phelps-Dodges closed its mining
operations due to a fall in copper prices. There
are still about 50 people living in the town today.

This corporate made "paradise" originally
consisted of 259 houses, 25 apartments, a super-
market, post office, medical clinic, and a fire
station, along with the usual amenities of "civilized"
suburban living, such as swimming pools, a rodeo
arena, a bowling alley, tennis courts, theatres,
baseball fields, etc.
Today the town is being rebuilt, with a focus on
medical research, with laboratories, which will
be used by the Empire in its "war on terror."
Phelps-Dodge was paid $5 million for its old
company town by New Mexico Tech.

New Mexico Tech is an engineering college,
known for its military research.
The college's acquisition of Playa, now design-
ated as "a real-world training centre", will used
by the college as a part of its "anti-terrorist
training program."
The college's program was created in 1999,
after the bombing of the Murrah Building in
OKC, and greatly enlarged after 9/11.
The program will feature scenarios like simulated
anthrax attacks, water-supply contamination,
suicide bombers, etc.
New Mexico Tech's "anti-terrorist training program"
is funded by the Homeland Security Schutzstaffien,
with the college receiving $30 million a year for its

The town's remaining residents welcome the college's
plans to spend up to $5 million in the next year, to
boost the local economy, and New Mexico Tech's plans
as a positive step toward a better future.
New Mexico Tech has a number of government contracts
to train police officers, firemen, border patrol agents, para-
medics, as well as all federal, state, and local law enforce-
ment personnel.

The college says that its plan will create about 200 full-time
jobs for local residents, and other job-seekers will be given
part-time work as "extras" in the various scenarios of
"terrorist attacks" to be staged in Playa, and which will
apparently be useful in preparing the general public for the
time when the "terrorists" will "attack America again."
With the constantly parroted government lies by its corpor-
ate medias since 9/11, the U.S. sheeple have fallen into an
even deeper stupor, and they will be ideal subjects for
these "pretend" scenarios designed to prevent another
"attack by al-Qaeda 'terrorists.'"

These deceptions and lies have been extremely profit-
able for George II and Court, with the beginning of their
long-planned "war on terror", starting with their attack on
the World Trade Center.
The Emperor has milked these lies very successfully by
convincing his royal subjects that they would be safer
because of his invasion of Iraq, while George II simult-
aneously oppresses the public by declaring them to be
"domestic terrorists" (even those blindly following Dubya),
and then graduate to being an "enemy non-combatant",
and as such, are subject to arrest and detention at the
whim of George II and his Homeland Security Schutz-

The Empire's lies, now a steady sing-song on mainstream
medias, have done their work well. Both are very aware
that oft-repeated mantras, the constant background noise
of continuous political/media bleatings(ad nauseum), has
been successful in keeping the national "terrorist alert" at
yellow, while Bushington, D.C. (Dominion Of Cheney) is
rated orange.
Those wishing to benefit from the bottomless cash well
of the Homeland Security Department can only qualify
by creating plans based on "terrorism" to keep the
Empire totally "safe and secure."

A spokesman for New Mexico Tech said that Bush needs
more people like himself, and the college staff will support
him, even to the point of joining the Cabalship of George II.
In addition to the college's Playa township being used by
the military for training soldiers in door-to-door combat,
New Mexico Tech has begun negotiations with Hollywood
to produce news reels and movies based on the staged
scenarios of "terrorist attacks and terrorism", and these
propaganda reels will be used to further convince the
sheeple that the Emperor has made the Fatherland
safer, and the royal subjects will continue to mill end-
lessly in their coma-like stupor.