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Born In Flames Conference

We are looking for people to do workshops, or with workshop ideas. Please get in touch:  borninflamesconference@yahoo.com
Born In Flames is a 3-day conference happening June 24 to 26 at PSU and will be addressing sexual assault from a radical perspective. We have broken the 3 different days into 3 different general themes: education, support and accountability.

The first day will be education and focus on community and personal education, with a goal of empowering particpants with tools and knowledge that will be useful for the remainder of the conference. The support day will have workshops and discussions to provide info, tools, and resources for survivors to be able to choose to become public or not as well as where to find outside support. The last day wil focus on accountability and we hope to hash out a common understanding of accountability in our communities and to develop an understanding around this idea but know there can never be one set definition.

If you have any workshop ideas you would like to see at the conference, or have a proposal idea of a workshop/discussion you would like to facilitate please e-mail us. We are hoping to set the schedule by April 1st, so please submit all ideas by the end of the month.

some BROAD topic ideas are:
mental health
alcohol/ drugs
Safer space Policies
Trans-specific workshops
Queer-specific workshops

also check out our web site: borninflames.org for more info

homepage: homepage: http://borninflames.org