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you evil liberal!

if you talk about torturing people to death you must be an evil liberal!
in this revealing radio interview, Alex Jones discusses Hunter S. Thompson, Jeff Gannon, gay prostitution in the White House, and other juicy subjects with Thompson's friend and fellow journalist, Paul William Roberts (of the Globe and Mail).

at one point, raising his voice in outrage at the despicable double-standards among Republicans, Jones says: "if you talk about open borders you're and evil liberal, you talk about the second amendment you're an evil liberal, you talk about how you're against lying and invading countries you're an evil liberal, you talk about how you're against torturing people to death you're an evil liberal, and it just gets crazier and crazier."

what a sad comment about the USA!

it's time for this horrific fascist nightmare to end, people.

partial transcript:


listen to the complete real audio file!
Alex Jones is a very good guy and he is HONEST too! 08.Mar.2005 16:37

a daily Alex Jones listener

I listen to him daily on the internet and he is dishing out the TRUTH to all who listen!

I do fear 4 his life, for I wonder when the PTB tire of him/give him case of "suicide"?

We should all support him by listening & educating ourselves as to the world we live in!

It's not what we've been taught, nor what we've been conditioned to believe.

Jones pulls back the curtain/let's us see the little men behind it! Wow! What a peek too

... 09.Mar.2005 07:00


What's the supposed liberal position on "open borders" this week?

Lately it seems like it's just the opposite of whatever the Republicans are doing.

If Bush is letting "too many" Latinos in, the Dems try to Clintonize him from the right.

Personally, I think the world would be a less violent place if people could settle wherever they wanted. The most dissatisfied folks could keep moving until they found someplace they liked instead of turning on each other. It seems to work fine in America and Europe.