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2nd Anniversary of Iraq War PROTEST???? On March 19????

Is anyhthing planned for Portland on March 19 - the second anniversary of this pathetic invasion of an innocent country?
Is anyhthing planned for Portland on March 19 - the second anniversary of this pathetic invasion of an innocent country?


San Fran has many things planned for March 19.

Need Information 08.Mar.2005 12:06


Seriosly, we desperatly need information. All I need is some information to get this thing rolling. So far, barely anyone knows about the full information of the protest. All we know is when and where it starts. I need to know when it goes to, what is the protest route, what is the strategy of the protest, is it permitted, is there an after protest? These questions need to be answered QUICKLY. Contact some people about it and try to answer all my questions. I can do some last minute orginazation if I get some info. So please answer this comment, whoever you are.

yes - scroll through the list 08.Mar.2005 12:07

U. Sam

mentioned a couple of days ago and last week

use google for PIMC site search:

 link to www.google.com

search example for google:

march 19 site:portland.indymedia.org

or check united for peace justice website:(search by zip code)


Yes 08.Mar.2005 12:11


Call Peace and Justice Works, 236-3065. Tell them they need to do a regular posting on the calendar at Indy.

Take a deep breath, please 08.Mar.2005 12:20


Come on, Liz. You must be new to Portland Indy Media. Stuff has been up about March 19 for a long time now. Obviously we don't have anything planned like San Francisco, for god's sake, but we'll do fine here in Stumptown. Just do a little looking and quit it already with the breathless postings.

'''''And then one day no-one showed up for work 08.Mar.2005 14:05


"The maximum damage to them with minimum damage to us"
Stokely Carmichael

Info on Strategy for March 19th 08.Mar.2005 14:16

DJ Shadow

Info from the pprc website below.

In terms of tactics and permits and all, I am 99% certain that this will be a fully permitted, marshalled, police escorted, march along a proscribed route downtown. Any type of direct action, marching off the route, etc. would probably be frowned upon.

Hopefully, other activists are planning something in addition.

Here's what I found about this:

- Panelists/Discussions will focus on US Foreign Policy and Local Peace Activism.
Contact: 503.236-3065  http://www.rdrop.com/~pjw/Iraq.html
Location: PSU Campus Ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery
FLYER for March 19th!

Portland area peace and social justice groups will present a "teach-in" and a march to mark two years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq on Saturday, March 19, 2005. The teach-in will begin at 10 AM at PSU Campus Ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery. The march will begin at 2 PM at a gathering point nearby (Urban Center Plaza - 1800 SW 6th)

These events are part of an international mobilization, a global day of protest against the wars and occupations. The teach-in and march are being cosponsored by the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, and a number of other organizations.

March 19th Global Day of Protest Against the War 08.Mar.2005 15:49


See also: 19 March Worlwide protest: ENOUGH! No More Lies, No More War Crimes!
If you know of an event which is not listed, please add it (Click on the "register your protest demo here" link)

hmmmmm 08.Mar.2005 20:34

Wee Raven

I like how direct action is frowned upon in a group of people that are struggling not to be "frowned upon" themselfs... I men come on people your permitted marches with "police escorts" ALWAYS have problems. Do you think they will push you off of your route and into terry schrunk like they did before or did you tell them to just trample you instead this time?
Anyway for every one fed up with this crap there will be a black bloc there... if only a small one and we encourage people to join us ecpecally our good friend with the bull horn (you know who you are).
I love everyone willing to stand up and take a voice... even though I get sick of those same people takeing away other people's voices in a vain effort to hold onto the illusion that they still have theirs.
Love and Solidarity,
-Wee Raven

Feel free to join us 09.Mar.2005 19:09


March 19 - Saturday: Rally & March
12 Noon at Seattle Center's Fisher Pavillion
Sponsored by the March 19 Coalition

March with the Not In Our Name Contingent!
Meet at 1pm at the International Fountain in Seattle Center. Look for the Earth flags.

What are you doing on March 19th? Join us as we stand with the people of the world to say Not In Our Name to endless war, attacks on immigrants and police-state restrictions.

The Not In Our Name Project is looking for energetic, committed individuals to form a creative, loud, unstoppable march contingent to protest the second anniversary of the Iraq War. Let it be known that we will not be silent in the face of the continued injustice of the occupation of Iraq. In a recent visit, journalist Dahr Jamail said, "Civil War in Iraq is imminent and the US Bombing campaign in Iran will begin in July. The time to act is now."

Flag Contingent: NION will supply Earth flags. Flags of other countries and peoples, rainbow flags, black flags, red flags, peace flags etc. are also welcome. We need volunteers to help put Earth flags on poles. Our goal is to have at least 100 flags flying on March19th.

Drum Line: Drums of all types welcome. Anything you can bang on that makes a sound you like, we'll call it a drum. BRING IT. Bongos, jimbays, snares, tenors, buckets, water bottles, etc.
Whistle and Pot & Spoon Brigade: We'll be purchasing some whistles, but if you have one of your own, bring it. Pot and spoon brigades are a tradition in South America where people show their political dissent by banging on pots with spoons. Wash out that dirty pot sitting in your sink and polish it up for some spoon action.


Not In Our Name-Seattle, 206-322-3813, www.notinourname-seattle.net, www.notinourname.net,  seattle@notinourname.net

also have a look at this  http://www.karikas.com/mar19/ take-care Regards

Murdering of Civilians 10.Mar.2005 13:06


deliberate or not is simply wrong!...cuz, it is illegal to be there. an a-priori condition, non-negotiable position.

NO amount of wishy-washy, ivory-tower, gated-community, comfort-zone, shady rationalizations of illegal agrressive wars & illegal occupations can allow current direction, MO to CoNtinue.

Slam Poem

THIS is for The Men who would PLAY God

Alot of...People been DYIN'-all around these WhiteMen

for over 500 YEARS!

WHO Decides? WHOSE Time OR Turn it is To DIE!

you know, sometimes, a helicopter will just happen to appear IN THE SKY

banG! ffffttttfffftttttka!

THIS is for the Men who WOULD play GOD

Foolish, Childish
Lunatic Scoundrels in DENIAL


Good Path & Common Dream For The People...NOT...Private Fantasy for the so-called Elites Best Laid Plans

black bloc 14.Mar.2005 09:41

civil disobedience

what does black bloc mean? is this is reference to some kind of civil disobedience/disruption? how come there is little/none organization for this type of protest? the standard parade is all good and fun - but a city sanctioned, police escorted 'walk' does little to influence the minds of others. People are inspired when they see other people take power back, not when they see a bunch of hippies penned-up by police overseers.

black bloc...so what? 14.Mar.2005 09:41

wee willy

Black bloc is sooooo tired. Whatever hardcore cred "black clad anarchists" developed in Seattle '99 has fully disapated due to their big mouth/no guts approach. "Anarchism" is a bourgeois luxury for privileged white kids to get their kicks. Put up or shut up, biotches. There's nothing I'd like to see more than a totally out of hand scene, but instead I'll probably be treated to the same huddled dozen dusty crusties getting off on their martyrdom. Yawn.