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KBOO Morning News Story List 3/8/05

posting the headlines from the morning news for a quick summary of the terrible stuff happening, and also to promote feedback on our local coverage
chris andraea edited and produced the news
carlos chavez engineered
becca bartleson anchored

Here's a very abrieviated version of today's news:

1. Old-growth logging protest, 11 arrested.
2. Bruce Babbit Snake River dams should go.
3. Oregon budget
4. Tax court.
5. FSRN: Social Security.
6. Immigrant lawsuit.
7. Minimum wage proposal defeated; moree bankrupcy.
8. FSRN: Consumer rights.
9. John "I hate the UN" Bolton nominated as US
ambassador to the UN.
10.Pro-Syrian demonstratioons in beirut.
11.China Says Taiwan willl be reunified.
12.Womenns' voting rights in Kuwait.
13.Anti-land mine lobby.
14.US could end world poverty by the year 2024 if it
wanted to. But it doesn't.
15.FSRN: Indigenous conmmunities
16.Bulgarian killed by US soldiers in Iraq.
17.Women in prison.
18.Irish peace activists.
19.Protests in Pakistan.
20.FSRN: Iraqis frustrated with The Freedom.
21.Honduran death squads are back!
22.India and Venezuela trade talks.

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