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Is there ANYTHING we can do about the corporate media?

I don't look at t.v. I turned off the radio long ago. All subscriptions I had with any "commercial" newspaper has long been cancelled.
But this does no good when you still have to deal daily with morons endlessly brain-washed by FOX News, NBC, ABC, CBS and all the rest of the brain-rot. Is there any hope left for sanity? Any way at all to pull the plug on the lying bastards?
stop watching it, stop supporting it. 08.Mar.2005 12:25

old one

stop buying it. Support independent media. No way to "reform" it, rotten to the core.

INFILTRATE 08.Mar.2005 13:29


infiltrate destroy rebuild

Watch them and Read Them 08.Mar.2005 13:31


By all means, you should look at what the corporate media is offering, otherwise you won't know what they (the government) want you to know. Just knowing that what they want you to know are lies and misrepresentations is empowering in a weird sort of negative way. And, there are rare moments, like when FOX did the one-time 4 part series on the Israeli spy network operating in the US, when the corporate media, in spite of itself, gets something right. IMHO, it is not a good policy to just go around saying, "It's all lies." You have to know the lies with specificity in order to counter the clueless ones who unwittingly repeat them.

and when you do that 08.Mar.2005 14:05

sgt. fodder

Then you mount the indirect offensive. Make no mistake. They have declared war on the internet, but two can play that game. We have the truth on our side and they hate that. So hurry up and expose while you have the chance.

wow... can't belive no one thought of this... 08.Mar.2005 20:38

wee raven

go to them... stop their feed, yell swear words into their mics no matter what they are covering... physicall stop them for gods sake... Just ignoring somthing DOES NOT make it go away. If we ignore the war will people stop dying? NO! JUST DO SOMTHING....
That KATU action on inaguration day was just the beggining...

words 08.Mar.2005 21:29

for protest

up until now you have broadcast official lies without reproach. Today, we bring you public accountability: WE ARE THE REPROACH! YOU HAVE LIED TO OUR FACES: insert facts here. YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THE PUBLIC: YOU ARE NOT TO BE GOV'T PR! YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THE PUBLIC: YOU ARE NOT TO BE GOV'T PR! etc. except there's no turning these corps right, only shining the bright light of conscience and clarity on smug cynics who forget there are those of us who know they are jeering at us! we should all learn html and webbuilding and learn to keep up these websites so the few hard workers at indymedia can get some relief and not ever feel used by us, but supported by us!

Bless the hearts of the indymediates!

keep it simple 09.Mar.2005 01:03


BOYCOTT Cable TV. Period. Bumpersticker this. Proselytize it to family friends and neighbors if you want, (or not), as a conversational ploy it's usually good for ten different dubious dontcha-think's. Such as this thread.

But there's nothing to debate. BOYCOTT Cable TV. Don't just turn it off -- STOP SENDING THEM MONEY. Anything else is: you're sending them money. When I'm over at someone's house and there's cable on I'll say 'whazzat cost you, about five hundred bucks a year?' just to bring their attention to THE MONEY, only to hear them pause a second and say 'oh, more than that.' I don't debate it. I embarrass them with it.

BOYCOTT Cable TV. What can you say. Either you do or you don't. I've heard a lot of people say they can't stop watching. In situations where actual 'informative content' of TV is discussed or described, the TV watchers seem never to know much or be aware of much, in terms of reality. And they pay a thousand bucks a year for that brain novacaine. Speaking of not being aware of much. What can you say.

My excitement for this BOYCOTT Cable TV promotion comes from knowing the business model margin of cable tv is very fragile thin, and it is only going to take about 500,000 (approx. one percent) of paying subscribers nationwide, (5-10,000 in Oregon), to crush or collapse the entire industry, if that few all called their cable co. in the same month and said 'I officially cancel my cable subscription. I am not sending you any more money.' The bubble would pop just like the dot.com bubble popped, because the advertising ad dollars have been leveraged and derivatived, so there are ads for ads for ads for ads, so each real dollar gets obesely inflated in so much pass-along, and the first one to buckle in the series ruptures all the rest.

It's not real hard to find something more interesting to do than watching TV. I wrote this here for instance, and now I'm going to set my browser for elsewhere. Perhaps www.TVTurnOff.org


Old one has paert of the answer 09.Mar.2005 07:05


the other part is that whenever we run into the corporate reporters and camera crews doing their bit to support the empire from hell, we chase them away from our midst with any means necessary. They may not be as guilty as their CEOs but they too are fully conscious adults lending a helping hand to the media from hell!

May I add, in addition to boycotting cable 09.Mar.2005 08:29


Boycott the advertisers you see to(whenever you bother to watch). I got rid of the cable rip-off a couple years ago. Why pay for 180 channels of CRAP? I don't even watch "free"(as in over-the-air) TV any more. But for those that still do-take note of the most frequent advertisers on there and start a BOYCOTT campaign against them(Nike is a good one to start with)!

Boycott radio, too 09.Mar.2005 12:46

My homemade Bumper Sticker says: TV Free

Even NPR sucks these days. I heard the other day:
Blah, Blah, Blah, pResident bush says democracy is spreading in the Mideast, Blah, Blah, Blah.
Me: yeah, right. I wish NPR wouldn't just parrot the guy. Every time he says something outlandish that we are just suppose to believe, I wish NPR would provide an alternative viewpoint from a well-known source. Like: "But so-and-so says that the only thing spreading in the Mideast is terrorism." Of course, this would mean that NPR would have to seek comments from those with alternative views. But I think they have a duty to provide balance, instead of straight propaganda from the bush people.

It would be absolutely horrible... 09.Mar.2005 15:21


...if their antennas and transmitters were destroyed or otherwose tampered with. Perish the thought! Th einterruption in "service" and subsequent raise in insurance rates for them would be unthinkable!