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Soldiers Speaking Out: Resistance From Within

Two great anti-war speakers Thursday, March 10th, and Sunday, March 10th: co-Founder of Iraqi Veterans Against the War and Aidan Delgado, a conscientious objector.

The Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild welcomes two speakers as part of its Soldiers' Speaking Out Series on Thursday March 10th and March 13th-14th

Iraqi Veterans Against the War
Co-FounderTim Goodrich served in the US Air Force in Afghanistan during the invasion of Iraq. Later, he traveled to Iraq with Global Exchange. His presentation focuses on his personal experiences through his military and civilian service, and the IVAW organization.
Mr. Goodrich will give two presentations Thursday March 10th. The first, at noon, will be at Lewis and Clark Law School, Wood Hall-room 7. The second is at It's A Beautiful Pizza (3342 SE Belmont)

contact:  tbetz@lclark.edu

Conscientious Objector
Aidan Delgado was a soldier in Iraq for a year, which included six months as a prison guard at Abu Ghraib, before being discharged as a conscientious objector. Hours before the World Trade Center was attacked, Aidan signed up for limited duty with an Army Reserve unit. His moving presentation is a combination of letters he wrote home and pictures from his year in Iraq that tells a story ignored by the mass media.
Aidan's first presentation will be Sunday, March 13th at Laughing Horse Bookstore (3652 SE Division) at 7 pm. He will also be presenting at Lewis and Clark Law School on Monday, March 14th, at noon in Wood Hall- room 7.

contact:  kasia@lclark.edu

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