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Biscuit/Fiddler Update - Old Growth Logging Begins - 11 arrests

Old Growth Reserve Logging has begun on Fiddler timber sale unit 11 about 1 3/4 miles above the National Wild & Scenic Illinois River on the road to Babyfoot Lake (also known as the T.J. Howell Memorial Botanical Drive).
Old Growth Reserve Logging has begun on Fiddler timber sale unit 11 about 1 3/4 miles above the National Wild & Scenic Illinois River on the road to Babyfoot Lake (also known as the T.J. Howell Memorial Botanical Drive). The old growth forest making up unit 11 was burned by the Forest Service in fire suppression efforts during the Biscuit Fire.

Note - Unit 11 is an 18 acre logging unit, directly adjacent to the 335 contiguous acre Inventoried Roadless Area timber sale the Forest Service has laid out in the Mikes Gulch watershed/South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area and Briggs Late-Successional Reserve.

About 11 people were arrested this morning, in a peaceful blockade of the Babyfoot Lake/Fiddler timber sale road. There is heavy law enforcement presence. In addition, law enforcement drew a big line around the road blockade, called it a crime scene and threatened to arrest anyone, including media, within the line.

TV crews and newspaper reporters are on the scene including the AP, Oregonian, Ashland Daily Tidings and Medford Mail Tribune. A photographer from the NY Times is reported to be on the scene and the Washington Post is also said to be covering the story.

The Fiddler Timber Sale is entirely in the Briggs Late-Successional Reserve. It includes 440 acres of contiguous logging units in the Babyfoot Lake/Onion Camp Fiddler Mountain Area, 170 acres of contiguous logging units in the Days Gulch watershed and scattered units in Fall Creek and Mikes Gulch - all totaling 697 acres - 14.68 million board feet. The Fiddler sale will log on soil-types where Forest Service documentation reveals its taken the agency 20 years to re-establish conifers on previously logged areas, due to the rocky, dry soils.

While the Northwest Forest Plan allows for a "conservative" amount of post-fire logging in Late-Successional Reserves, it must be neutral or beneficial to recovery of old growth habitat. The logging proposed in Biscuit Late-Successional Reserve timber sales is not conservative nor is it restorative. For example, the Forest Service's selected alternative proposes to log approximately 42.5 percent of the pre-fire late-successional (old growth) habitat in the Northwest Forest Plan's Briggs Late-Successional (Old Growth) Reserve. The Briggs LSR makes up much of the watershed of the first 17 miles of the National Wild & Scenic Illinois River.

Barbara Ullian, Conservation Director
Siskiyou Regional Education Project

homepage: homepage: http://www.siskiyou.org/

Law Enforcement was also heavy at the public hearing... 07.Mar.2005 13:13

why so much popo?

The law enforcement presence was heavy at the one and only public hearing on the largest timber sale in modern history, held the week prior to x-mas. Gee, go figure, timing of that hearing was such that a lot of people couldn't participate due to family holiday obligations. Laws, we don't need no stinkin laws to cut some of the last of the old growth, we'll log the other planets later. Stupid freddies!!!!!!!!

Cop presence at the public hearing.....
Cop presence at the public hearing.....

to clarify 07.Mar.2005 13:52

Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense

Despite the media pull of saying something like "old growth logging begins" this isn't accurate.

This is only the first logging in gv't defined "late successional reserves" (some of which in -- in other areas of Cascadia -- aren't even old-growth, but rather 2nd growth areas designated to become old-growth).

Old growth logging in the biscuit has been going on since the long before the summer, on road sides "emergency salvage" areas, and during this fall on what the forest service calls "matrix" lands (designated for endless logging), such as the logging which happened at the Indi and Horse timber sales.

This is a terrible, precedent setting event -- the first logging of "protected" old-growth reserves. But it's not the first logging of old growth by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks to those who put themselves on the line 07.Mar.2005 14:34

Nutmeg Alfredo

I greatly appreciate those of you who stood up to the logging trucks. Know that there are millions of us out here who are watching and who care, but may not be able to leave our desks at the moment. If there are suggestions for actions we can take, please let us know. I'll check out the website listed.

Again, thank you to the resistance.

thanks biscuit activists! 07.Mar.2005 14:34


a BIG thanks to the folks putting their bodies on the front lines in an attempt to stop the saws.

photo from forest 07.Mar.2005 14:47

biscuit lover

Fiddler Old-Growth Reserve, Unit 2.

2nd try at photo 07.Mar.2005 14:55



Thanks, forest defenders 07.Mar.2005 15:11


Thanks for putting your bodies where my heart is.

thank you 07.Mar.2005 16:06

wee raven

thank you guys, you are all amazing and my heart is with you... I should have been there with you.
love and solidarity always,
-wee raven

trees and woods 07.Mar.2005 21:00


I love the trees and woods, nature hikes, and walking amidst wild flowers, ferns and berries. I marvel at the views and inhale the wild clean air. I love protesting and marching and vigils for political causes. Someday, perhaps, I'll be there.

Was anyone hurt or were the arrests nonviolent?

Country girl.

1st photo 07.Mar.2005 21:43

Cascadia Rising EcoDefense siskiyou--at--cascadiarising.org

This is of the car blockade which had people locked down underneath it, and inside it.

More photos 07.Mar.2005 21:50

Cascadia Rising EcoDefense

more on the way as soon as we get 'em
72 Year Old Woman Arrested
72 Year Old Woman Arrested
Banner on Vehicle Lockdown
Banner on Vehicle Lockdown

Way Ta Go Earthies!!! 08.Mar.2005 19:34


cintilating with grass and focusing on trees is one of my favorites. why can't these timber tycoon greedmongers git it? We are all connected earth, fire, wind, and water. If we log these forests, we as a species will suffer the consequences.

Thanks for all who participated in thes nonviolent action