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KBOO Morning news story list 3/7/05

posting the headlines from the morning news to summarize the day's events and promote critical feedback and community control over KBOO's news production. To encourage portland's progressive community to submit more stories
chris andraea was the internet editor
patrik angstrom poore produced and engineered the news
blaine palmer anchored

OR Revenue increase offset by Federal Cuts
OSU returns Native artifacts to tribes
AARP president speaks in portland on Social Security
activists camp at biscuit logging site
phoenix, or mayor issues unjustified gag order
portland peaceful response friday rally
boeing exec quits over affair
FSRN US withdraws abortion amendment (repeat)
FSRN Stephen Johnson nominated for EPA (repeat)
FSRN WTO makes Us cotton subsidies illegal (repeat)
Royal Society accuses US of undermining efforts to stop global climate
Sakar Ahmad interview, Kurdish women's rights activist (local)
US forces attack Italian journalist and recently released Iraqi hostage
Peasants killed in Colombia (radiomundoreal.fm)
Bolivian President Carlos Mesa offers his resignation
FSRN Health Care strikes continue in Peru (repeat)
FSRN Coke has to reveal secret formula (repeat)
Bono nominated to head World Bank
Syria will pull back from Lebanon by the end of March
Remembering Bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama

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