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The Ugliest Woman on TV

CNN's Pentagone-gone-gone correspondent
Hello- I am the ugliest woman on television. While supposedly a 'journalist', I and the rest of my kind actually are engaged in the greatest brainwashing operation in human history. You've heard of 'embedded' reporters. Well, I've been embedded here at the Pentagone-gone-gone for years now. I enjoy shilling for the warmongers that pay me through their subsidiary, CNN. You may think I remind you of a beloved aunt, or Mrs. Fields, or perhaps that librarian from High School who kept shushing you. That's good. Think of me that way as I lie through my pearlies every day on cable. Of course shooting that I-talian commie reporter was an accident. Of course a 757 crashed at the Pentagone-gone-gone. Of course Sadaam moved the WMD's to Syria. Of course Bush Sr. & Clinton are running around tsunamiland for the 'love of mankind'. Of course everything over here at the big 'P' is just dandy. We're actually winning this Iraq thing , although we've been getting our asses handed to us every single day since we ran out of bombs. Oh yes, Social Security is our most pressing problem. Now for some photos and video of Marines getting their legs amputated (just kidding). Listening to me every day, all you women out there in Civilianville must be proud to see how far we've come. I can dish out the evil misinformation that helps keep America confused and scared as well as any male. A woman's touch is always appreciated in times of continual national emergency. Making you see terrorists and evil-doers under your bed every night is actually more of a pleasure than a job. I have to go now. Stay tuned for Wolf Blitzer with his calm, no-hype, hyperbole-free, soft-spoken brand of pure 100% NWO Bullshit.
Are you sure that's not Jeff Gannon in drag? 07.Mar.2005 11:32



What's gender got to do with it? 07.Mar.2005 12:55


As most Indymedia readers know, corporate media lies and most of it is total bullshit. This could have been stated, with this particular individual as an example, without the sexism. Her gender, age and looks don't have anything to do with it. For example, Michael Moore isn't exactly a hot babe, but he has some worthwhile things to say. This newsperson apparently doesn't have anything valuable to say, so focus on that, not the externals. I don't watch TV myself, so I'm not familiar with her, and I'll take your word for it that it's crap, just like most of the stuff on the tube is.

hear hear 07.Mar.2005 15:00


i agree with bear on this one.

I don't see it that way 07.Mar.2005 15:40

U. Sam

I don't think she's the ugliest woman on television or it's jeff gannon in drag really, I think this was a bad joke that offended you personally. I don't think the headline, "serious woman who reports for pentagon is fraud" would of been quite as funny. This was just sarcasm. Maybe it offends, but so does south park and ward churchill.

It's Not a Joke 07.Mar.2005 16:46


It's not a joke. And if you don't know who that is, good luck in the real world of realpolitic. I never said she looked ugly, I said she IS ugly, like INSIDE. Is ANY mention of a woman other than in a fawning light a crime against PC-ness? Sometimes I think half the people who post here live in caves. See you on the John Stewart show!

Beauty radiates from below the skin... 07.Mar.2005 16:53


...which is why Anne Coulter is not only one of the ugliest people on TV, but on the planet.

Anne Coulter 07.Mar.2005 17:20


Beauty radiates from below the skin...

...which is why Anne Coulter is not
only one of the ugliest people on TV,
but on the planet.[Quote]

Right on, twospiritwarrior! 07.Mar.2005 18:08


Every now and then I'm reminded what makes Indymedia so righteous. Where there's life, there's hope. Always happy to be counted among the living.

3 Ugliest 'Men' on TV 07.Mar.2005 22:30


Let's balance the books here a bit

WHAAAT? 07.Mar.2005 22:50


Hey Indy! Who hacked my entire newswire posting and just left the headline? Are you kidding or what? Might as well just burn the whole post than leaving it this way. Is this just another computer glitch or whaaa?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 08.Mar.2005 17:31

chaka kahn

I fucking agree with bear.
But since the madate was created and does exist NOW, I think we all know who really wins the damn contest!!!!

NOUNS have gender... 08.Mar.2005 18:59


PEOPLE have sex.

Don't Forget About Me! 09.Mar.2005 15:12

Linda Vester

Yoo-Hoo! Don't forget about me!