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March 19th protest

March 19th protest will be huge in Portland
With the war raging and troops coming home daily in body bags the outrage is building. Please come out to the streets on March 19th with your fellow peace loving Portlanders. The Bush administration has done whatever they want to whomever they want for too long. Getting some media attention to show that everyone does not agree with his policies will help.

Again, come out for a couple of hours to relay what you feel about what is going on. Come out and help shout to world that PEACE is possible.

huge sounds great.... 07.Mar.2005 10:31


where is it?

details 07.Mar.2005 11:07


March 19

Teach-in, 633 sw Montgomery, 10 a.m.

March, Urban Center Plaza, 1800 SW 6th, 2 p.m.

Info: Peace/Justice Works, 236-3065

PPRC Flyer 07.Mar.2005 11:38


Need more information 07.Mar.2005 18:12


From what time to what time is this event going to take place? Is it permitted? Is there a strategy of protest? What is the protest route? We need answers. I've tried to contact multiple people but no one is responding. Can we please get some information? I don't want this to be an unorganized protest in which only 50 people come. Please, information is very important here!

Tactics and Permits 08.Mar.2005 14:23

DJ Shadow

Info from the pprc website below.

In terms of tactics and permits and all, I am 99% certain that this will be a fully permitted, marshalled, police escorted, march along a proscribed route downtown. Any type of direct action, marching off the route, etc. would probably be frowned upon.

Hopefully, other activists are planning something in addition.

Here's what I found about this:

- Panelists/Discussions will focus on US Foreign Policy and Local Peace Activism.
Contact: 503.236-3065  http://www.rdrop.com/~pjw/Iraq.html
Location: PSU Campus Ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery
FLYER for March 19th!

Portland area peace and social justice groups will present a "teach-in" and a march to mark two years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq on Saturday, March 19, 2005. The teach-in will begin at 10 AM at PSU Campus Ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery. The march will begin at 2 PM at a gathering point nearby (Urban Center Plaza - 1800 SW 6th)

These events are part of an international mobilization, a global day of protest against the wars and occupations. The teach-in and march are being cosponsored by the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, and a number of other organizations.

Signs over the freeways 09.Mar.2005 08:59

Joshua Hughes

We need to make signs and hang them over the freeways starting today. Lets make everyone aware of the March 19th rally. www.freewaybloggers.com has some great ideas. I will put up a sign every day I can between now and the 19th. Anyone ready to help?

Jail Support 11.Mar.2005 16:21

lady liberty

The jail support team is preparing for M19 events. If you are planning to attend the large demo or need jail support for a smaller action, please feel free to contact us at 503-234-4518 or write to defense4 *at* mailbolt *dot* com.

We will be staffing the office on March 19 and need volunteers. Give us a call or send an email if you'd like to get involved.

We don't encourage provocation of the police, but we do help those who have been harassed, injured, and/or wrongfully arrested.

I'll help 12.Mar.2005 22:22


I'm already doing a documentary at my school about the protest. If there is any unjustly arrests or injuries I will have it on tape. So if you ever need video evidence you know where to find me.

Will the march be family-friendly? 15.Mar.2005 21:35

Family for Peace

Does anyone know if this march will be family-friendly? We have a one year old and I'd like to be able to show my support, but I don't want him pepper sprayed by our lovely police (as they have been known to do in the past!).

grrr! 20.Mar.2006 18:15


oh so thats where the protest is, thanks for telling me F**KING day later. I really wanted to be apart of that but no one knew where it was.