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When it came to "The Good Doctor" a little of him went a long way.
2 a.m.

Colonel Depp
c/o The Chateau Marmont
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It begins at the end of the beginning, back of the beyond.

It was him. Last night, three a.m., right on cue ... I sat straight up in bed and there he was, the good doctor, EXCALIBUR. "I mean no harm!" Laughing and mumbling something about "on the wings of an owl ... from up on the hill" he was here to talk about a new world. The world we have known and thought we were fighting for was over. For now the land we have been thinking about no longer exist, that we must stop looking over our shoulder and put an end to this racket. Make a new world. The home that we seek is not in some distant land, it is in U.S. What tommorow brings we cannot know, but what we choose ...we must make it so. But know this for sure, in the end it's about love. Love of country, love of a good story. It's all about the story. Where the rubber meets the road.

Then he appologized for giving us all "a start", saying it was a "spur of the moment thing" and even though the effect may have been somewhat "armour piercing" to him, right or wrong, it seemed "perfectly resonable" at the time. And with the wounds that have been taken in battle, it has all led to this moment. "They hear footsteps you know" and any anger WE HAVE should be saved for them.

Now he's "passing the torch" and it is our turn to be brave, selfless and bloody the devil ghost of evil men rather than run.

With ashes shot into the blowing wind, forever to be bound to the land, there is no mourning or sadness in the legend of the King and his Nights. It's now up to the rest of us to fight the good fight.

Peace this night and may the Gods smile on you.


address: address: Pitman c/o Villa Flora II

EXCELLENT 07.Mar.2005 10:40

The Grand Narrator

A great short-short. With a "moral" that can't be expressed in any shorter form. What it means is what it says.