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imperialism & war

The comfort of the few out ways the survival of the many!

These days are dark and sad. Amerikan decadence means that once upon a time we were all stuck in the mud. Someone got out and pulled you and the rest of this racist, capitalistic, greedy, patriarchael imperialist, nation. Now instead of the obvious choose of helping the rest out of the mud, we make slaves out of them and kill them when they don't do our exact bidding.
These are our blood stains. We have always had them yet we still drive alone with the air on blasting cd's and running over animals, and cyclists. The smell of amerikan genocide is all around us. IT IS IN OUR FUCKING BLOOD. For our efforts of being slaves to rich white men we are given a wide variety of options, also known as distractions so that we do not have to face or dwell on the mass murder that fuels our comfort. Choose jesus, or prozac, watch television, and be patroitic. Do not under penality of HUMANITY look at the fact that SLAVERY never ended. The laws that keep them up keep us down. We are down but the people in the countries we bomb are DEAD. We moved all the companies away for cheaper labor in places the rich white men consider to be un-civilized. From 1776 until now we have NEVER ben civilized. Someone asked Ghandi what he thought of western civilazation he said he thought it was a good idea.
FUCK the left, people are suffering. LEARN YOUR HISTORY and fight for those who are dying faster than we are. learn from the oppressed people not CHOMSKY. No more meetings , slide shows or books about 911. They did it move on. If you were to turn off blind date and learn about all the 8 million we have killed since world war 2. How we enslave the poor and people of color in prison now. IT NEVER ENDED, school has lied, the suits just want you to work and buy. It all runs so much deeper, but I just had to bleed a bit. I call for a general strike till we disolve this capitalist system and STOP the killing.
Good night portland
Never Civilized 07.Mar.2005 08:11


This country has been uncivilized since it's discovery...amazing how everyone even on the left overlooks the genocide that occured to occupy this once great land....let's go back and put up INS guard houses prior to 1492.

Not yet organized but ready to fight 08.Mar.2005 14:01


Of course class it's suppossed to go, The needs of the many outway the needs of the few, or the one- but that's just common sense, right?