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Is this freedom and democracy ?

Under the name of freedom and democracy the police and military forces of Iraq are torturing the prisioners to death. Do you expect the Iraqis to welcome such freedom and democracy from bush with open arms or with arms ?
Is This Freedom And Democracy?

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Al-Moharer.net - March 6, 2005

The US occupation of Iraq is spreading torture and killing of prisoners of war at the hands of the new police and military force installed by Washington. The police force and the military were recruited from the militia of the Kurdish Peshmerga, from the pro Iran Bader Brigade and from the rest of the militia established by the reactionary Mullahs and by the occupation forces. The purpose of these forces is not to protect the Iraqi people but to terrorize them in order to subjugate the entire country to a repressive sectarian regime controlled and directed by Washington.

The torture and killing of political prisoners or their relatives has become a common practice and it is on the rise. Some of the people have been arrested because some of their relatives or friends are part of the resistance against the occupation, but the majority of them are the victims of slander.

One of these horrendous and inhumane acts was directed against Ghaffar Khalaf Mohammad Al-Jabouri in Al Zafaraniyeh of Al-Madaen south of Baghdad. He was taken to Al-Najdah police station in Karradah, few days later he was found dead in the morgue. The man was brutally tortured, as the marks show. He was hung with iron claws from his shoulders, his head was smashed, his chest cage and legs were severely broken, by metal rods or thick sticks. There was no spot left on his body without a mark of electric burning. The cause of death was "a result of severe beating" the certificate of death stated.

Mr. Jamal Abdallah Al-Dulaimi, also from Al-Madaen, was taken by the National Guard, which is formed from the Militias who belong to the Kurdish and religious reactionary parties of Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari and the rest of those who came from abroad behind the occupation tanks. He was taken to an unknown area and found dead beside the road between Baghdad and Al-Kut. The marks of torture were very visible. Mr. Jabouri, was tortured severely and died as a result of this brutality.

Some elements of the National Guard, Al-Haras Al-Watani, or better known among the Iraqis, Al-Haras Al-Wathani, (the Infidel Guards) attacked a family in Al-Mahmudya and killed all of its members, the mother and her two sons on January 24, 2005. Basim and Dhia Jum'ah Al-Dulaimi owned a fast food restaurant. After a hard working day the two young men went home, the so Called National Guard stormed the house with heavy fire. Basim and Dhia were killed while they were asleep in bed and their mother acting with motherly instinct tried to protect them but she also was mortally wounded and died in the hospital after their neighbors transferred them to the hospital.

In Al -Suleikh Al-Jadidah in Baghdad, the Al-Haras Al-Wathani arrested Mr. Sabaah Hameed Salem Al Karbouli, a retired Iraqi Army Officer, who was in captivity in Saudi Arabia in !991. He was tortured in the same manner as Mr. Jabouri, his head and legs had multiple fractures and his body was marked with electric burns. He was returned to his family, then was taken to Al-Nu'man Hospital in Mahmudya, he was unconscious and never recovered, two days later he died as a result of the brutal torture though he had nothing to do with the resistance.

This are samples of how the Iraqis are living after Bush "liberated " them and bestowed his "freedom and democracy" upon them.

The human rights organizations must wake up, they must act humanely and courageously on behalf of the victims of occupation. They must consider the invasion of Iraq as illegal and a blatant violation of human rights and human dignity. They must call for the withdrawal of the invading armies and for the release of all the prisoners of war. The institution of Iraq and its leadership must be restored, they are the only ones who can restore peace, tranquility, security , progress and dignity to Iraq and the Iraqis.

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Bitter 06.Mar.2005 17:46

The Grand Narrator

Ah, this is bitter truth indeed! If only it were not so! But the story has only begun. I suspect there will be Hell to pay. And yet, some kind of happy ending may be possible, far down the line, after much suffering and sacrifice by many more than just the Iraqi people.