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Two articles disappeared from the news-wire ???

Two articles were there at the top at about 1:00 PM today (3/6/05) but a few minutes later (after going to another site and then returning to indymedia) they were gone!
One article, by twospiritwarrior, was a couple of compromising fotos about Bush and Blair and that other guy that's in the news so much lately (some kine of "call-guy"?)

The other was called something like "Why I can't support the troops" and it was just a plain ordinary straight-up opinion or commentary piece of prose, mostly about violations of international war and the precedents set in the Nuremburg trials after WWII.

But it's GONE!

What happened?
SHIZAMM! They're BACK 06.Mar.2005 12:28


I dunno -- one of those strange computer things . . .

Anyway, much gratitude and respect for all those that keep this amazing portland indy going!