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Menage A Trois

Was Tony Blair Folded Over
Like Dubya's Shotgun?
It's the question every one is
Did Dubya's "man-date" also
entertain Tony Blair when he
Visited the White House on
July 17, 2003?

According to notes in the
minutes report of the TKE
fraternity chapter at West
Chester University's
alumni association, "Gannon"
was a member of the alumni
chapter. The minutes report
of August 24, 2003 shows
that Gannon was engaged
in entertaining PM Tony

Jeff Gannon printed this story
in the Talon News on July 18,
2003, which indicates that he was
present at the Bush-Blair press
conference as well as their
"private meeting."

Blair Speaks to Congress, Briefs With Bush
By Jeff Gannon
Talon News
July 18, 2003

After the conclusion of the Bush-
Blair press conference, the three met
privately, prior to PM Tony Blair's depart-
ure to Japan, and Dubya's departure to his
ranch in Crawford, Texas.