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CRITICAL MOMENT Calls for Submissions

CRTICAL MOMENT is an Ann Arbor, MI-based radical politics journal. CM is released every other month and distributed for free throughout the Southeast Michigan area. Each issue deals with a specific theme. The content of the paper is based on submissions received through our open submissions process. CM invites you to submit your writing for possible publication in upcoming issues of CM. Read below our Calls for Submissions for our next two issues: the Environment (May/June) and Religion & Spirituality (July/August). Questions can be sent to momentboard at umich dot edu . Visit us online at criticalmoment.org
Please read the submission guidelines below and then email your submissions to momentboard at umich dot edu
Calls for submissions:

May/June: Environment
Deadline: March 30, 2005

Consumption comes at the expense of our natural world; from species loss to suburban sprawl to global climate change, somewhere the price must be paid. Low-income communities of color are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards - the "hidden" side-effects of the economic growth paradigm under which we live. Our technological advances often cost us the health of our children, our communities and sometimes entire cultures. Environmental issues are, therefore, not limited to the protection of wilderness areas, but extend to include a broader range of social, economic, and geographical issues that affect life everywhere, from farmers in developing countries to residents of urban public housing. How does the intersection of race, class, and political power affect how environmental decisions are made? What effects do those decisions have on our ability to build healthy, sustainable relationships with one another and the land? Critical Moment seeks contributions from local writers, activists, artists, and academics that both address and challenge the forces that combine to create environmental injustice, and attempt to provide insight into the future of environmental justice for all communities.


July/August: Religion & Spirituality
Deadline: May 30, 2005

Religion and spirituality are powerful and influential factors in human affairs throughout the world. How does religion and/or spirituality inform your daily life and political outlook? In what ways are you and your community treated differently because of your religious/spiritual beliefs? Do you reject religion? Why? What has been the role of religion and spirituality in political movements in the U.S. and around the world?

Critical Moment encourages our readership to explore the theme of religion and spirituality from a wide range of perspectives. Some possible topics include fundamentalism and extremism, liberation theology, religious institutions and community organizing, religious persecution/prejudice, religion and gender, religion and sexuality, religion and national/racial identity, church and state in the US, the Christian right, spirituality and the left, religious violence, earth-based spirituality and Goddess religion.

The content of Critical Moment consists primarily of works submitted by local writers, artists, and activists. Submissions are not limited to our theme.

We welcome news, analysis, commentary, art, short stories, poetry, music, book, and movie reviews, and other forms of expression that fall outside of the suggested theme yet are still reflective of the political nature of Critical Moment.

Suggested length for submissions is 800-1,500 words. Please email text submissions, questions, suggestions for future issue themes, and/or letters to the editorial collective to momentboard at umich dot edu. Art and image submissions should be sent to momentart at umich dot edu.

Images and graphics should be in the .jpg or .gif file formats.

homepage: homepage: http://crticalmoment.org