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Help me understand

Where is the wisdom
Where are the Peace Makers and the guys in the white hats. Why is
someone not stopping the corruption that has overwhelmed our
government. Some one told me that this government we have, has been
corrupt since the beginning and I can't do anything about it. I can't believe
that a rapist or serial killer would be aloud to continue because they had
been doing for so long.

Greed and getting rich seems to be ultimate goal for so many and it
appears no one cares who they hurt to get their goal. The economy is
more important then human life is to them. It is obvious that if someone
objects to their methods or criticizes them, they eliminate or bash them.

Rumfeld's solution to the public seeing the torcher was to remove all
picture taking devices from the military. What kind of solution is this?

So many things seem so wrong to me, I am questioning the way I was
brainwashed as I grew up. I was brought up to be honest, trust worthy
dependable and to have respect for other human beings. Now, I wonder if
I was on the wrong side of the brainwashing. It appears to me that the
bully is in control and no one is stopping them from taking my lunch

I just want to make a living wage and live my life in comfort. I do not
wish to get rich or hurt another human.

I remember that we used to discuss politics and now we don't. Why?

I thought the more educated you were, the less likely you would use
violence to solve a problem.

If big corporations want to guard there investments, why not higher our
millitary and pay us rather then how they are doing now. We can't do that.

I would like to understand the other side, but I can't find anyone willing to

We have had lots of investigations, that I have seen no acceptable results.
What did I expect when you let the wolf guarding the hen house to

Stop this world, I want to get off. Society used to burn witches too.
Society is not right very often.

Where is the wisdom?
struggle 06.Mar.2005 10:03


We HAVE to keep up the struggle for peace, justice and the truth. Carry on. Work hard.

sabotaging the story 07.Mar.2005 04:57


By distracting the public, they keep them "fighting for social security", while the real plan is already in motion. You have to sabotage the real plan, spike the mission before it happens. Take venezuela, we know bush wants to invade and we are seeing the seeds being planted. Arnold as president in 2008. It's hard to expose all the old lies. We have to expose the future lies before they happen. This put george on the spot in Europe(about iran) and made him look like the fascist fool that he is.

I say give them social security, then we'll have some new victims of the neo-con fascist regime, and they will join the cause. Help the neo-cons destroy America faster then they want to do it. Tell them to take money from the cops, tell them to cut spending on social programs completely. When your buddy says, "I wonder if we should invade Iran?", say, "fuck Iran, we should invade canada and mexico it's filled with terrorist scum". The only way to wake people up from their extreme slumber is to be more extreme then bush and his republican goon squad and spike the stories before they happen.

Gannon committing suicide is another story they may be setting us up for. If we talk about it NOW, it will be harder for them to spin it. Sabotage their plans, spike their stories. You know what's coming, so talk about it now. The internet crackdown will be next, wake people up about this. This is their next assault after social security. How do I know? The seeds are being planted, block out the sun so they can't grow.