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Stop the Press! The nut-case christians want to ban Sports IllustratedSwimsuit Edition!

They call themselves american decency association and they want to ban this magazine. The guys name is bill that wants to ban the mag.
I'll quote from their site:

"Showing your nearly nude body, titillating men of various ages - eliciting lust - this is not "local girl making good."
I call the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a slut magazine because the girls are prostituting themselves.
I am staunchly opposing any idea that any girl who would pose semi-nude in such lust producing ways is doing good. ..."

I have to tell you that these nutcases are soooooo uptite about the human body being showing just drives me nuts. They think since the grest imposture sitting in the oval office gives them the right to go after this magazine leaves me wondering what they may think about the male whoror prostitute jett gannon/guckert/talon news/gopusa dick sucking punk who had a daily press pass at the white house. Which makes me think that the imposture was getting his dick serviced by said male hooker!
Let em try 06.Mar.2005 01:18


Hmm, one of the most anticipated magazine issues of the year. Will sports illustrated shut it down because a couple of fundemental christians are mad? No chance in hell. Finally, the system is actually useful for once.

the patriarchy's house 06.Mar.2005 01:49

has many mansions

i try to care who wins this fight, but i can't. the misogynist christian lobby and the misogynist sleaze industry are both messed up. screw 'em all.

distraction 06.Mar.2005 02:17

eyes closed tight

They'll be throwing allot in our face to take our eyes off the ball.

more smoke and mirrors 06.Mar.2005 03:36


I have been meanint to take a picture of Ganzoles and the Monty Python crew as the "Spanish Inquisition" and merge them the the title of "No one expect the Hispanic Inquisition!!"

But other than that yes its all to get our attention from the 911 report of 51 warnings (which they have) and the Gannon thing (which can link to Papa Bush and his pediphile background.. seriously look up Nebraska and the Franklin Scandal.. there was alot of deaths and cases on public records pointing to grandpa Bush the child molestor and that has connections in both political parties and to even some European groups .. note papa Bush has a home in Spain where the biggest child sex ring is centered ... look it up for yourself with a simple web search)

The Ball 06.Mar.2005 10:22

of course

being the coming war with Iran. (As Scott Ritter has informed us, the orders have already been signed.) The synarchists would really rather have us enter WWIII eyes wide shut - and unseeing. Maybe they feel that is merciful since they plan to use us as cannon fodder anyway. This raises the question: when an ostridge sticks its head in the ground, and gets shot in the ass anyway, does it still hurt?

"americandecency.org" hasn't enough CORPORATE clout 06.Mar.2005 10:29

it'll never happen

Sports Illustrated is a division of:

Time Warner, Inc.

integral part of the Corporate Media Grid which controls American sheeple.

a cash-generating institution such as the Swimsuit Issue could never be 'canceled' by clowns like these.