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bush working hard
Bush's legacy List:

Veterans ---------------------thousands die waiting for treatment
Social Security--------------Steal trillions; say it is a good thing
Education--------------------leave millions behind
Military-------------------------Over 1500 dead, over 15,000 wounded
Right to choose-------------Wants to outlaw all abortions
Student loans-----------------Bush family members only
Foreign Policy-----------------Take democracy or die
EPA--------------------------------What is that?
Lead, arsenic contamination-----------So?
Ozone layer--------------------We don't need that
Torture----------------------------It is a good thing
Press pimps---------------------I like that one
Hunger in America-----------Let them eat cake
Wars-----------------------------Everyone east of New York is a terrorist
Russia----------------------------I love Putoooon's eyes
Haiti-------------------------------Hadee what?
France---------------------------They help us in some war didn't they?
Middle East---------------------Will be one nation under our god
Colin Powell--------------------who?

homepage: homepage: http://journals.aol.com/tendjoe/THETRIALOFGWBUSH/