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Taxpayer-supported "war-room"

Headline (AP) -- Bush Sets Up Social Security 'War Room'

Bush has set up a "war-room" to make war on the American people. "War" is apparently Bush's way of describing his campaign to dismantle Social Security.
(AP) - A new Social Security war room inside the Treasury Department is pumping out information to sell President Bush's plan, much like any political campaign might do. It's part of a coordinated effort by the Bush administration. The internal, taxpayer-funded campaigning is backed up by television advertisements, grass-roots organizing and lobbying from business and other groups that support the Bush plan.

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Umm 05.Mar.2005 23:33


It's a metaphor. It's also a response to Harry Reid's Senate Democrats' "war-room."

Just goes to show... 05.Mar.2005 23:35


the real mentality of these people. We should be ashamed to let this man do this, and Congress, which has the purse strings, should be put on notice that we're not going to stand for this kind of thing. They should be doing this with the Iraq war, the DOD's literal takeover of the intelligence community, etc. 99% of them should be impeached along with George for their belligerent and dishonorable use of the public trust. They have abrogated their responsibility.

Arbusto! 06.Mar.2005 05:21


The "activist president"