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Good JTTF Summary

A good summary of the JTTF situation is up at blueoregon. This is exactly what you won't see in the Oregonian or on TV, but is exactly what we need people to see/hear.
One of the problems with sending new people here for news is that the strident tone shuts people off. Places like BlueOregon are easier for those who haven't yet given up on the two-party paradigm.
uhhhh thanks ass 05.Mar.2005 20:56


The two party paradym is the biggest farce of all time, our horse in the race (Democrats) give us the semblance of balance, but the iron regimented workings of the machine continue. Belief in this party system pulls you into a controled arena where the framework is fixed and the momentum determined, guess what... it is not going in the direction of social justice or even reason. So while I appreciate your link to a site, giving further knowledge into the Joint Terrorism Task Force, I believe the validity of the entire site is negotiated. One by the distracting two party paradym that takes so much of our attention and two by the ironic ads above the article that recruit people into the FBI. Yes, above this article they are recruiting for a DOCUMENTED DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION THE FBI. The ambiguity is just slight...

duh 05.Mar.2005 21:39


Anyone who thinks "negotiated" means "negated" is certain to be a font of wisdom.

heh 05.Mar.2005 22:49

The One True b!X

Not to mention the fact that the site has no control over the ads generated at the top, which are controlled entirely by Google Adsense's contextual algorithms.

But why quibble with facts when there's a besides-the-point point to be scored, right?

You forgot to mention 07.Mar.2005 02:22

PJTTF officers working in other cities

Like Eugene police detective Terry Willis. Bring it bitch.