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corporate dominance

Need some info on the Clinton St. Theatre

Watching Dr. Gonzo and Raoul Duke, while drinking small expensive cups of cheap beer.
Went to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last night at the Clinton St. Theater. The crowd was very raucous and lively in the 99% filled theater. Obviously a great movie from a great book by a great author, fueled by the beer and whiskey sold made for a good time.


Here are my puzzlements; First of all who are these recent new owners of the Clinton?
I don't believe it is a co-op, or is it?
Was this movie a benefit of some sort? If not then what explains the exorbitantly high priced beer in small 10oz cups. I think they charged 2.25$ per cup of cheapie piss Busch™® beer. Whiskey shots were also sold, but I don't know for how much.
Some guy got on the stage to introduce the movie and proposed a toast to Hunter S., and as we all raised our over-priced cups with the Busch™® logo printed on them, I couldn't help but wonder, 'Are we all getting scammed here?'

So what's up with the Clinton?, I have no problem with the entrepreneurial need to make money even if it's under the guise of "hipster", but the irony of being at a HST tribute where corporate™® America seemed to be present was enough to wake me up this morning in a shudder. Indeed a subject for a Hunter S. Thompson story.

some info on the Clinton St. Theatre 06.Mar.2005 10:32

clinton neighbor

i don't know much about the new owners--i remember there was a small piece on them in the ~willie weakly~ or ~mecurial hipster~ where they explained wanting to continue running the same sorts of films as the previous longtime owner--but that's about it.

they have had a number of boozy friday night shows in collaboration with the ~mecurial hipster~, complete w/quarter page ads in the mercury. they did this for the Prozac Film Fest and at least one other Vodka Sponsership night (the vodka of the night is always a logo in the same ad). one of those shows everyone was invited to go to the Night Light Lounge down the street (which already has been noisy/troublesome for some of their neighbors) after the film. so that meant drunks from the Clinton St theatre all walking to the NLL after midnight through a predominately residential area. Not my idea of 'community minded' since it seems to serve people *outside* the immediate neighborhood while disturbing those of us that live *in* the immediate area.

Fool me once jive ass ........................ 07.Mar.2005 16:43


Ah yes the corporate hipster.........why, I believe it's becoming the scurge of the modern world.
Maybe they should all wear some kind of brand, as in they should all be BRANDED.

I hate popcorn in my Beer 07.Mar.2005 17:31


did they pick up any litter along the sidewalks as they walked?

Nothing worse than living in the city and having to hear people waking on MY sidewalk after midnight

The nerve of some people Dont they know? I have work in the morning!