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Wal Mart Picket

March 4th from 4-6, 37 people came and showed their opposition to the newly proposed Wal Mart in Cedar Mill.
Earlier today, at four o'clock, i counted as many as 37 people with Anti- Wal mart signs at the intersection of Barnes Rd and Cedar Hills Blvd in the Portland suburb of Cedar Mill. People were there to protest the newly propsed Wal Mart that is to be built at that intersection. People where there for all reasons, from a fundemental dislike of Wal Mart to the threat of greatly increased traffic. People were there to protest the drop in property values and the increase in crime and loitering that has occured in other communities. For whatever reason people showed up, I am glad they did. I know everyone hates the corprate news, but i think it is okay for us to use their own methods to our advantage. I was interviewed by the much-loved Channel 12. (Fox news), and my interview made it into the 10 second we need-something-to-put-inbetween-that-sports-story-and-the-water-skiing-parakeet blurb. I am glad because when fighting a multi billion dollar company with millions of dollars available for advertising, any publicity is good publicity.
At the picket we mostly got support in the form of honks or calls of encouragement. There was, of course, the odd hillbilly who, while driving by in his beat up old truck, would give the finger to our group which contained a number of small children. It just shows there are assholes everywhere.
Anyway, I think today was a good day for the anti- Wal mart movement, and that we got our message out to the people of Cedar Mill that this Wal Mart is comming and will be built unless we mobilize to stop it.

homepage: homepage: http://www.savecedarmill.com

Great job! 05.Mar.2005 12:52

regular reader

and thanks for posting this to portland indymedia! keep givin' us reports, please! folks want to know how to support y'all and this is a great forum for that.

Clark County needs anti-Walmart movement 05.Mar.2005 15:22


Vancouver has had Wal-Marts for only about 6 years--the first one came to Mill Plain Blvd. and I-205, on what used to be a nice field. Now it's a so-called Super Wal-Mart with acres and acres of cheap products AND somekind of grocery operation. The former field was better, of course. However, this comes from someone who's only bought an orange juice at Wal-Mart in the years they've been here. Something tells me it's like Safeway, where the employees are required to ask how you're doing and if you need help, which gets to be kind of awkward to say the least (especially when you buy one thing, an orange juice say, and the checker asks if you'd like help out with that, because she or he is required to).

To sum up: Wal-Mart wants to build 3 more stores up here, which would just ruin the fine balance of livability and industry that Vancouver and Clark County have strove to maintain over the years.

Clark County firmly rejects the encroachment of "those types" of businesses.

need to unionize the W 05.Mar.2005 16:19


W needs to be infiltrated to raise the workers wage. If you cant beat them enhance them.

not walmart! 06.Mar.2005 15:51

jubin jubinrahatzad@hotmail.com

I was born and grew up in Raleigh Hills. After leaving Oregon in 2000 for college, I found that "my home" was one of the few places that were free of walmart. I know there is one on the eastside and some in vancouver, but my "hood" was always walmart free. I have many friends close to the Cedar Hills and Barnes Rd. intersection and I don't want walmart to be something I see if I'm out there. Everyone in Portland needs to show up. I might even fly back from the midwest to help protest. Get all the eastsiders out there somehow and then we might get something done. please, please, please if you are in the portland area help stop walmart. Or even unionize it. There was a walmart in montreal (canada) where the workers unionized. Walmart's solution was to shut down that particular store! We need to tell walmart to get lost like that. Please guard my home from walmart. I know there are people out there that love Portland as much as I do. Tell walmart no! NYC told walmart no. If New York can do it, then we can too. That's it, I'm coming home to make sure walmart doesn't nest in my area.


NO WALMART...PERIOD jandrew503@peoplepc.com

Portland is a funky /groovey/artsy/laidback town...NOT A WALMART TOWN!!!!I live 3 blocks away from this proposal...I am OUTRAGED!!!! I have been here 15 yrs...That area used to be so beautiful...I have seen it very rapidly become distroyed....Lets get together an STOP WALMART!!!!!

stop walmart 12.Apr.2005 17:36

Gaby Tu arands@comcast.net

I am outraged that Walmart wants to construct a store at the intersection of Barnes and Cedar Hills Blvd. I drive that route daily and the traffic is horrendous. Constructing a Walmart at that corner is absolutely the worst possible use of that site. It is just stop and go, stop and go, with traffic piling up from all directions. The very thought of more traffic at that intersection just boggles the mind. We taxpayers who live in Washington county are the ones who should be calling the shots on this, not some out-of-town enterprise that wants to force itself and its problems on the community. They are interested in making a buck at the expense of an entire community. Stop Walmart. What even infuriates me more is that in the mail I received two, yes two, forms from Walmart asking me to fill them out in support of its store, to contact my senator, the newspapers and other media beseaching them to support Walmart. What crust. That site could easily accomodate an office building or other structure that would not bring in heavy traffic.

no more walmart 15.Feb.2007 08:57


I hate walmart! I don't really know why but the idea of people stuffing their cars with stuff they don't need and then throwing them out later on, realizing that they have no idea why they got that worthless piece of junk. I especially think that the walmart on fourth plain should not be built! The new building would cause a lot more traffic (trying to get to the parking lot) and its not like we need another block up on traffic in the middle of the street! The building would also take away from, well I don't know if I am wording this right, but it would take away from the beauty of Vancouver. There is hardly any more just open fields with grass and trees, it is all being built on with new houses and new buildings. Where is the beauty and fun in saying this lot used to be so nice to look at and now look at what took over it...a huge super walmart with tons of traffic jams along with it. I know that won't help it from being built, but I just had to state my opinion,

walmart should be extermenated!!!!!!!! 15.Feb.2007 08:59


I think that walmart shouldn't be allowed to be in the vancouver and clark county area because they are just cheating you out of your money. They cheat us out of our money by showing us some things we might want (but don't need)for less money they are cheep things and just break a few mintues after opening them. I think that the new walmart that they're suppose to be building on 4th plain should not be built do to poseponing and the problems it might cause in the very near future.


NO MORE WALMARTS!!!!!!!!! 09.Mar.2007 09:22


ever since i watched the walmart movie in class, i don't think i will ever step foot in another walmart store again. ( not that i went into walmart a lot but you know, when you don't have you driver's liscense yet you have to go everywhere with the driver so you know)! anyway, in the movie it described how bad walmart is for everyone. the thing that bugs me the most is that when walmart was having pollution run into the rivers and they weren't doing anything about it! i mean people who work at walmart are still people and this is where they live, but they can't bother to get off their butts to stop the pollution they are putting into this world. if it were possible i would create a campaign and have all the walmarts go out of business just like they have caused so many other family shops to go out of business.(granted i know this will never happen but hey i can dream can't i)?

walmart sucks!!! 09.Mar.2007 09:22


I-H-A-T-E-W-A-L-M-A-R-T, did you know that walmarts Walton's only paid 6,000 dollars to help walmart employees and walmart employees higher then 5million dollars to help the other emplyees?????? One of the greatest dangers we face in America is a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists being shipped through an American port. But, did you know, we only inspect about 5% of the cargo containers coming into America.That is why the U.S. House of Representatives passed a 9/11 bill to strengthen America's port security by scanning 100% of the cargo containers being shipped into the U.S. from abroad.But, yesterday, Wal-Mart's special interest lobbyists defeated the 100% scanning portion of the 9/11 bill in the U.S. Senate.Why?Because, even though 1 Wal-Mart container arrives at a U.S. port every 45 seconds, Wal-Mart fears that inspecting 100% of these containers might slow down its imports from countries like China which could hurt Wal-Mart's profits.Are Wal-Mart's profits really worth the cost of leaving America vulnerable to another terrorist attack?If you really want to grasp how dangerous Wal-Mart's opposition to 100% scanning is for our country, think about it this way...Would you get on an airplane where the airport security officials only screened 5% of the passengers?Of course not, so why shouldn't we scan 100% of the cargo containers bound for the United States? There is only one reason - because big corporations like Wal-Mart will do anything, even lobby against protecting America, to protect their profits.We must stop Wal-Mart now and make sure the U.S. Senate puts America's security first.