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Do the American people want to hear the truth?

"I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them." Adlai Stevenson (Democratic candidate for president in 1952 and 1956)
As I understand comments that I read here that are critical of any and all Democrats, what people want is for Democrats to speak truth across-the-board. Anybody, it is said, can run down the Republicans by accurate reporting -- but there is more to it than that.

This is a high standard for anyone: who speaks 100% truth all the time? Just that we are limited to human language means that everything we say can be misunderstood and also misrepresented. So I think that the best that can be expected of ANYONE is that they make a sincere effort to speak truth and avoid deliberate lying.

To my mind, Jimmy Carter (and I understand that Carter's military/foreign policy was far from perfect) qualifies as someone who speaks the truth the best he can. If he considers that he cannot openly speak truth about something, he refrains from making any statement at all. But he did, on occasion, risk everything to speak truth to the people.

For example, I remember seeing Carter speaking to the American public on the eve of the 1980 election, discussing that he thought the U.S. should consider nationalizing the oil industry, and warning people that what was coming in the near future was a choice between a sane energy conservation policy and war for the sake of oil. (That was his "moral equivalent to war" speech.) Shortly thereafter, Carter was trounced by Reagan. Generally, the American people do not reward leaders who attempt to speak truth to them.

I think that we have a FEW, not enough, Democratic leaders right now who speak truth. But none of them is perfect, not even Cynthia McKinney and Barbara Lee. The Republicans are perfect, the question being perfect what? -- they are all dedicated to lying as a matter of principle. I think that Ralph Nader AND David Cobb speak truth. But neither of them is perfect.

So what do the Democrats need to do or to be? They need honesty and integrity, but they don't need perfection. So, when I see Democrats speaking truth, as about Social Security, I applaud that. When I see Democrats going along with the official media-driven lies that underlay the whole politic of the U.S.A. and that are accepted by nearly the entire American public -- I don't applaud, but I do understand that the American people are not really demanding to know the truth, especially any unpleasant aspects of the truth.

The pressing problem for us is to dismantle the secret government network that rules the country and seeks to rule the world. Should we, or should we not, seek to preserve whatever portion of the visible government that is in opposition, whether actually or potentially, to that secret government?

Within that framework, Democrats speaking the truth deserve some respect and support -- otherwise how will we ever get through to the American people? It isn't just that "a better world is possible" -- it's also, "How will the possibility of a better world be realized?" It will not be realized through cynicism alone. We need to support the peace movement that is finding some expression within the Democratic Party, even if that means respecting and supporting some Democrats.
Your right 04.Mar.2005 22:40


There are many Democrats who deserve respect.....we know who they are. But they are in such a hole that they are now just relegated to making the points. They know that their agendas are forgotten and hopless against the Neocon machine.

Pelosi bringing up the horrendous record of Rice - who was being PROMOTED to the Secretaty of State! And she stood up at the Electoral College and forced a two hour debate! Well, that was great because it doesn't happen often, but it was just smoke.....from a blazing fire in this country that was being diminsished to rhetoric.

It is slowly sinking in to the American people that the voting thing has become a sham! DEMOCRACY......are you kidding.....with the Repukes in control of the E-voting machines. WAKE UP!!!

We have got to do something, people! Do you wish to take up arms against the US Government.....or could you turn off the game for a couple hours and hold up a sign with the people who are FED UP with what is going on?

'less than perfect' 04.Mar.2005 22:51


Just who are you apologizing for anyway?
oh please.
Are you insinuating that these rich club party suits ( with VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS)actually have any spine or care about the common non lobby supported goof like me or my neighbors?
Sorry, I can't write a $10,000 check...
Your side of the money party has betrayed us all again. Bite me.

we also have 05.Mar.2005 00:03


a FEW, not enough, Republican leaders right now who speak truth. And, proportionally, a few Greens, a few Libertarians, a few Naderites, a few Maoists, a few Anarchists, a few Arissians, etc, etc, who speak truth. But not enough of any of them.

It is not that the American people are not really demanding to know the truth. They most certainly are demanding the truth.

They just don't know what truth is.

"You're free to speak your mind, my friend, as long as you agree with me."

TO: the sheepdog 05.Mar.2005 15:17


"Your side of the money party has betrayed us all again." You know, Bow-Wow, the money problem isn't just in politics. Every aspect of life is tied to money throughout this Empire. That's the problem, isn't it? Not the Democrats, who DID enact, a few years ago, Senator Proxmire's real campaign finance reform -- which was torpedoed by a Republican-appointed Supreme Court that said that political expenditures could not be regulated because money is included under "freedom of speech". But what is your solution? You say the Democrats are part of the money system, but that's like saying that they are part of this world. What do you propose doing about the situation? More of nothing? Or are you planning a departure from this world? Going to never touch money again? Reportedly, that's what the Rockefellers do. but somehow it seems faulty.

Maybe it's your side of the cycnicism/purism party that is betraying you again -- and again, and again, and again.

You can't write a $10,000 check, but could you actually write checks (maybe $10?) to the campaign funds of each of the non-retired politicians that I have, according to you, "apologized" for -- Cynthia McKinney, Barbara Lee, Ralph Nader and David Cobb?

BTW: Is it true that a barking dog won't bite?

TO: "we also have" 05.Mar.2005 15:19


You say, "We also have a FEW, not enough, Republican leaders right now who speak truth."

Your statement is so non-partisan, so fair, so "balanced" -- you remind me of National Public Radio!

Who would those few Republicans be? Guess I must be unbalanced -- because I cannot think of a single one!

now you see it 06.Mar.2005 02:52

now you don't

The dollar is not money, it's paper. Most of the western world is connected to paper, not money. The American dollar is an empty promise. Gold is money. See how empty America has become, from our money to our politicians, USA#1 is just a bunch of empty promises and lies. We get what we deserve.

I only know one repbulican who has stuck his neck out, Ron Paul.

Is it true that if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, it doesn't make a sound?