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A Merging Of Two Empires

George II has a new yes man.
The Empire was given a big boost to its corporate sector, with the
appointment of Frank McKenna as Canada's Prince Consort to
Emperor George II.
During his ten years as the Grand Duke of the maritimes, McKenna
was widely hailed as the new golden boy for Lord Martin, and
appropriately, he had a number of call centres built throughout his
realm for the "financial benefits" of the subjects, another medal for
McKenna's Royal Tunic.

Frank McKenna is the head of a Canadian division of the Carlyle
Group, which boasts that it is Planet America's largest private
sector equity investment firm. McKenna "may resign" his chair
at Carlyle to accept his posting in Bushington, D.C. (District of
Cheney). Carlyle has made over $19 billion through its many
investments in munitions and large-scale weapons manufacturing.
The fifth-largest military contractor for George's Imperial Armies
is United Defense Inc., based in the state of Virginia. This
corporation, which makes armoured vehicles, artillery, missile
launchers, naval guns, and electronic defense devices, is one of
Carlyle's most profitable military investments.
A large number of ex-politicians, some of whom were featured in
Fahrenheit 9/11, hold a variety of positions in the Carlyle Group.

They include James A. Baker, former secretary of state; John Major,
a former U.K. prime minister; Frank Carlucci, former deputy C.I.A.
director and former college classmate of Rummy; Peter Lougheed,
former premier of Alberta; Paul Desmarais, a Liberal-backed C.E.O.
of Power Corporation; Laurent Beaudoin, of Bombardier; and Allen
Gotlieb, former Canadian ambassador to the U.S.
Carlyle uses the clout of its "celebrity" payroll, as well as its
extensive network to secure lucrative military contracts, in
addition to other financial deals around the world, with these
former politicos being bought by huge slices of equity cuts from
corporate contracts.

McKenna is adamant in promoting military production to stimulate
the economy of his home province, and he says that there should
be far more investments made by Canada into Carlyle.
Ignoring widespread criticism, McKenna is defending the scheme
by the Canada Pension Plan to invest the $60 million (U.S) of
the public's accumulated pension funds into a Carlyle investment
fund. McKenna's role as Prince Consort to the Empire will allow
him to ensure the aspirations of corporate dominance in Canada,
which includes a number of U.S. military subcontracts for
Canadian corporations.

Of course, this will result in further assimilation into U.S.
government/corporate domination, a further expansion of European
"manifest destiny." McKenna hosted a meeting of the Carlyle
Group in 2002, at a prestigious Moncton golf course, which was
attended by George I, who, at the time, was the chairman of the
board of Carlyle's Asian division.
At the subsequent press conference, McKenna evaded questions
concerning Carlyle's military contracts being greased by its many
political connections.
"We are not here to talk about any government-military-industrial
complex globalization conspiracies", he told reporters, "we are
only interested in building up and stabilizing the economy of the
Maritime region -- nothing more, nothing less."
Thanks for the insight 04.Mar.2005 20:54

The Grand Narrator

Thanks to twospiritwarrior for the insight into the dark side of Canadian politics. They have their demons, as we have ours. The trick with demons is to avoid becoming possessed by them.