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From Canada: Marry an American liberal to save the species

Newflash! Canandians have agreed to marry american liberals to try to save this endangered American species...check it out.

Ladies and gentlemen,

drop your borders

Now that George W. Bush has been officially elected, single, sexy, American liberals - already a threatened species - will be desperate to escape.

These lonely, afraid (did we mention really hot?) progressives will need a safe haven.
You can help. Open your heart, and your home. Marry an American. Legions of Canadians have already pledged to sacrifice their singlehood to save our southern neighbours from four more years of cowboy conservatism.

Now that George W. Bush has been declared the official winner of the November 2 election and shall become the President of the United States for four more years of cowboy conservatism, I the undersigned, a Canadian citizen, pledge to liberate, through the legal and binding act of marriage, a willing citizen of the United States of America, of a gender of my choosing, and with one or all of the following political leanings:
1. discouraged Democrat,
2. reformed Republican,
3. apolitical with limited world-domination tendencies.
In addition, I promise to help my new Yankee spouse to adapt to life in the great white north, keeping them safe from (gratuitous) invasion of privacy, and to provide him/her with a reasonable supply of Timbits.
People who have already agreed to Marry an American:

7004 Angelmine Woodstock, ON Would prefer a Southern California specimen, particular weakness for those named Mike. (you know who you are, *wink*) Must own your own beanie, mittens will be provided. free of charge. C'mere you!

7001 Deb halifax nova scotia canada I live in a small fishing village outside Halifax. My "fire" is the local community theatre, live music, and beachcombing. Want to retire to peace and quiet in God's country?

6999 Dude Lethbridge Dude isn't my real name, but everyone calls me that. I am curious about this marrying an American idea. 50 guy.

6993 Marion Calgary Will my face be put on a deck of cards by signing up here? If so, please don't request a photo (LOL).

6989 Brian Hamilton Why can't we all just get along!!

6987 Vladimir London, UK I am Ukrainian currently living in London. Have graduated from University here, planning to do PhD. AND I DON'T LIKE GEORGE BUSH

6986 andy Fredericton hey, whats shakin?

6983 teddy Cape Coast i really love their style of life

6980 Jenny Leamington Me: Canadian and single. Your ticket to legalized pot, gay marriage, and socialized healthcare You: preferably financially secure, liberal, fatalistic worldview a plus

6979 Chibunna Owerri I love to marry an ASmerican woman that is loving, sincere and has human feelings.

6977 julie somewhere in ontario well i'm tryin to get out of here! maybe the only one. id marry an american and move there!!! who wants to save me!

6973 Philip Los Angeles How many times does the United States have to save the world for you to respect us? Some day we may adopt your policy, and when half your country is nuclear wasteland, we'll pass 64 resolutions for you. Until then, stop biting the hand that feeds you.

6966 Rob Fort Frances Ladies, if you don't mind the chill of a winters night with only the crackle of a fire and a Canadian male to keep you warm come on over. we love you all.

6961 destiny nigeria i need who will love me b'cose i like trust lover am a man who belaele in God

6955 Cory Winnipeg hello beautiful american ladies, I'm 6'3, blues eyes, dark hair & lots of cool Tattoos. If you think i'm the kinda canuck to save yer behinds from the warmongering U.S. let me know...

6953 Elyse Los Angeles I am a Canadian by osmosis (cousins in Toronto and Montreal). Looking to get back to my roots with a nice canadian guy. Sadly, I heard about the pledge thing too late, and ActForLove is not living up to expectation.

6949 Laura Fredericton, New Brunswick I don't blame any of you for wanting to come to Canada...

6946 Kirsten Edinburgh Dude, I may not be Canadian, but I'm Scottish and the fuck away from Bush.

6938 Diana Montreal & Toronto I'm perfect.
6937 sulaiman syria hey .i am 28 years old .very buteafull guy .i am looking for girl from bensilvania .

6915 Chris Burton on Trent UK It'll all look better after a cup of earl grey lol or my be not...........

6902 simon Manchester UK I may not be a Canadian which you may judge to be a good or a bad thing, it does not realy matter. I am English and as per my history would like to invade The USA and ocupy you. My name is Simon and if you want to know more let me know

6900 Dan Ottawa Sure anything to save the world from another four years of cowboy conservatism!

6894 Samuel Sudbury Ontario Canada I am an easy going Canadian male who likes to travel all over the place. One of my goals in life is to see the whole world.and I think a companion would be great to have.

Canada is Not any Better? 04.Mar.2005 17:56

Rural Anarchist

Oh come on, Canadian politics is not any less corrupt.

Defend your homeland from the government.