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fur scum
Jennifer Lopez is "Fur Scum"
put compassion in your fashion 04.Mar.2005 16:41

Susan Stelljes

Thank you for focusing on Jennifer Lopez. Her recent fashion line is disgusting. Mink hats and mink underwear. Naomi Campbell and Lopez should be ashamed of themselves. Not only touting fur, but designing clothes that no one but them could wear.

P-diddy is doing the same thing. Only his clothes are more for the man who wants to dress like a pimp.

Thank You 04.Mar.2005 21:27


Thanks to eveyone who has posted messages about fur!! It's disgusting, all those
who sell, promote and wear fur. It belongs on the animals. Add Whitney Houston to
the list of those responsible for cruelty and suffering. Those who create a demand
are partially responsible. Saw Whitney on the toob last week in a full length fur
coat. These people need to get a conscience. The cruelty that goes into those
garments, they should be ashamed of themselves!! Boycott their music, their movies,
everything that supports their lifestyle.

Peace is the way, veganism is true peace.