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Film: Why I Love Shoplifitng from Big Corporations

A short film inspired by the chapter of the same name from the book 'Days of War, Nights of Love' by crimthinc
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embedded content: http://submediatv.com/movies/shop_click.mov

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Hi y'all,

I just completed a short film called 'Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations'
You can download it by clicking here - or simply go to http://submediatv.com and click on the link.


homepage: homepage: http://submediatv.com

That kicked ass 05.Mar.2005 17:27


Except for the cliche of the security guard giving chase only to return something dropped, and the heavy-handedness of the anti-capitalist retrieving her daughter from the friend/baby-sitter, that was fucking awesome. I loved the editing. Much indie cred to you.

thanks 06.Mar.2005 02:59

U. Sam

That was cool and yet insightful. Who says you can't think when you watch tv.