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Or AG Hardy Meyers to Discuss Police Use of Force

Monday, March 7th, and PCC Cascade. This meeting is the only public meeting with the States Police Use of Force Task Force before the report will be submitted to the governor.
Marlene Howell, organizer for the Alliance for Police and Community Accountability, posted this announcement to KBOO folks.

The public is invited to an open, public meeting with Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers on Monday, March 7, 6-7:30pm, Portland Community College (PCC), 705 N Killingsworth, Cascade Campus--Terrell Hall,Room 122, to discuss suggestions that his Police Use of Force Task Force should consider when it issues its final report to the Legislature and Governor later this month.

The Alliance for Police and Community Accountability (APCA) lobbied the Attorney General's office for a few weeks, requesting that they have at least one meeting truly open to the public on this topic. On Feb 28, the APCA was contacted by the AG's office, agreeing to have the public meeting on March 7.

"We welcome the opportunity for the public to share its concerns and ideas for improving public policy, law, and actual practices regarding police use of force with the Attorney General. Elected officials are accountable to the electorate, and meetings such as this are one way to assure that accountability is at the core of any proposed changes regarding police use of force. We appreciate the quick and diligent efforts of the ASPCC to help make this event possible," said Marlene Howell, organizer for the APCA. Families Affected by Violence, a local advocacy group, is also helping to organize the Attorney General's visit with Portlanders.