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George Bush and the Syrian withdrawal

An e-mail sent to various representatives
Mr. President, here is an outtake from a newspaper article that quotes your opinion on the issue of the Syrian withdrawal. Following that, I express a couple of opinions of my own.

Bush welcomed that new pressure, saying he was pleased to hear the same message from Saudi Arabia that has been pressed by a growing list of nations.
"Syria, Syrian troops, Syria's intelligence services, must get out of Lebanon now," the president said. "The world is beginning to speak with one voice. We want that democracy in Lebanon to succeed, and we know it cannot succeed so long as she is occupied by a foreign power and that power is Syria."
At the State Department, spokesman Richard Boucher rejected the idea of a phased withdrawal.
"It could happen 1-2-3," Boucher said. "Why not? 1-2-3. You start, you continue and you finish. That's 1-2-3. That's immediately. That's what we're looking for."

Mr. President, the same logic you apply to Syria can be applied to the U. S. occupation of Iraq. We should pull our own troops out of Iraq 1-2-3. There is no difference in quality between the peacekeeping efforts of Syria in Lebanon, and the peacekeeping efforts of the U.S. in Iraq. A rule that applies in one place has to be applied in every place: a rule of ethics.
Please consider withdrawing the U. S. forces from Iraq at the earliest opportunity.


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Rep: Greg Walden 2nd district Oregon
 link to walden.house.gov

Sen Ron Wyden

Sen Gordon Smith

homepage: homepage: http://marchhare195507.tripod.com/March_Hare

What is a Hypocrit? 04.Mar.2005 17:59

Already Published

Mr. President, the same logic you apply to Syria can be applied to the U. S. occupation of Iraq.

It sure can - but it won't be applied by the PNAC media gangsters.

And the same logic should apply to the Israel's illegal occupation of the last fragments of PALESTINE.

Not quite the same 04.Mar.2005 18:30

Emmanuel Goldman

Like, how many Lebanese have been murdered by Syrian soldiers. Or how many Lebanese have sacrificed their lives to kill Syrians. I saw Lebanese on the MSM and they don't seem to like the Syrians much, but they still look happy. And dang; those Lebanese women are pretty!