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Activists of Beaverton call to arms

wallmart endures its obigatory informational meeting for the public, 7pm, thursday, march 10th.
Though to portland activists, the idea of suburban resistance to corporate leviathans like WalMart might seem incredible, there is in fact a passionate nucleus of opponents there. Thursday's edition of the Big O(page D3, metro/northwest) has an article detailing the status of the situation at present. Tuesday night, March 1st, a group met to discuss strategy.

Name of the group: Save Cedar Mill
Name of the meeting: Citizen Participation Organization 1
Place of meeting: Providence St Vincent Medical Center
Details of straw poll: 150 people showed up; 100 in opposition, 1 in favor
Date of WalMart's iforma-: 7pm, thursday, march 10th
tional meeting (required
by Beaverton city code)

Proposed site for the WalMart: U.S. 26 and Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard.

Former executive officer of Metro, and present Beaverton resident Mike Burton
is an opponent quoted in the article.
Opponents recognize they face an arduous task facing down WalMart.

As a Beaverton resident and frequent Portland visitor, I know many Portland people turn their noses up at Beaverton (the burbs). The area that Beaverton, Tigard, Bethany, occupies, used to be beautiful. It still has some beauty, but particularly in the last 10 years, it has been seriously and maybe irreparably marred with rural character displacing housing, commercial developments and the resulting increased volume of auto traffic dumping emmissions into the air.
Cycling Skyline Ridge and dropping down through bethany used to be quite an extraordinary, close in rural elixir, but now, it's become a mass of ugly, monotonous formula housing partnered with a cetrally located strip mall. Many of the residents there, conditioned to far worse conditions out of state, probably think it marvelous.
Life is kind of different out here in Beaverton. Places where young, passionate, willing to live a thread-bare existence activists hang out, seem to be non-existent. People out here seem to be very much more inclined to a single minded; career, domestic life, suburban house, townhouse, condo, cars existence. The planners, bankers, and property owners keep converting more land, and keep trying to expand the highway interchanges to handle the increased population. It all will end somewhere.
I just don't know who is out here in numbers to take up the fight, but I hope there are some. People are going to be living here for some time. When places like Walmart suck up the lion's share of the business, opportunities for small business will dry up. We've got too many people already. Acres and acres of open crop land have been paved over with houses and asphalt. Skyline Ridge, not so long ago, a beautiful wooded expanse, viewable from many points in the area, is gradually covered with housing, as is the north side of Chehalem Mt. Neither of these places have walk-to shopping or employment.
As people out here drive to and from their jobs, I feel they must be oblivious to the mess that's being created here. It's time to wise up and dictate to the planners, elected officials, bankers, and property owners holding our quality of life in trust, rather than vice versa. WalMart go home.
Location 04.Mar.2005 03:09


Location of March 10th, Thursday, 7pm meeting:

Kingstad Meeting Center
15450 S. W. Millikan Way

Picket 04.Mar.2005 10:13


There is also an Anti- Wal Mart picket this afternoon, 4-6 at the propsed building place.
Intersection of Barnes Rd and Cedar Hills Blvd.

Beaverton is a lost cause 04.Mar.2005 12:09


The whole point of Beaverton is Walmart. The focal point of Beaverton's central core is a commercial development called Town Square that's anchored by Fred Meyer. The hip thing to do on a Friday night is hang out at the 24-hour Starbucks. I moved here 3 years ago, and I still can't even begin to understand the plethora of strip malls. It really is a boggling sight.

Who cares if Walmart builds another. They'll only be competing with themselves.

Get Information from Other Walmart Struggles 04.Mar.2005 17:46


Dear Beaverton Friends:

Many communities have kicked Walmart's butt out. Look around on the web. There are websites written by communities that have successfully fought Walmart. They can give you a lot of advice and support. Go to Jim Hightower's website for help also. I just didn't want you to reinvent the wheel, brothers and sisters.