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"I Want The Truth"

Gay people want the truth. We want to know if the people that orchestrated the slime ball elections against gays last November, are the same people who are cavorting with male escorts/prostitutes in the White House?

The male escort and The White House sex scandal is brewing all over the internet. It is starting to pick up steam and now appears to have the legs to head into the main stream media. This makes me one happy fag!
It is now being talked about on Jon Stewart's the Daily Show, Bill Maher's HBO Show and hopefully soon Saturday Night Live will give us their rendition. Even congress is getting involved. A Resolution of Inquiry, will be directed to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and departing Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.
Among those supporting the resolution include ranking Judiciary Committee Democrat Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), ranking Rules Committee Democrat Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and ranking Government Reform Committee Democrat Henry Waxman (D-CA). Other Judiciary Democrats are also expected to sign on.
If you haven't heard of this scandal yet, all you have to do is google "male escort in white house". You will have hours and hours of fun free learning about the sex, lies and intrigue that is boiling up behind the scenes in the Bush White House.


Your fun will begin with the arrival of a male escort who received over 200 security passes to work in the White House Press Corp., all under an assumed name.

Next you can delve into the sordid details of how someone very high up in the Bush White House apparently employed this male escort as a plant and spy in the White House Press Corp.

You will be intrigued by how this male escort, with virtually no journalism experience suddenly became the darling of conservatives, and a spokesman for the religious right.

You will learn how the relationship between a common over the hill male prostitute and powerful intimate advisor to President Bush all began.

And finally, you will see how this dominant top male escort, with 8.5 inches of advertised fun to play with, may finally bring the Bush Administration to their knees. Let's hope they have kneepads and enjoy the experience, but it really shouldn't hurt. After all, the slogan on his escort website read, "I don't leave marks, only impressions".


The problem has been getting this story covered by the mainstream media. Apparently they aren't interested in covering any story that doesn't have the official White House Stamp of Approval on it. And this story sure as heck doesn't.

If it weren't for the valiant effort of all those determined bloggers, with Americablog.com and Dailykos.com leading the way on the internet, and some help from Air America Radio, this story would have gone unnoticed. These people are the new real press in our country. And thank God for them.

The fact that a large number of the bloggers are batting for our team is not a coincidence.
I believe the Universe is providing gay people with a chance to wake up, take some action and extract some revenge for what happened in the last election. I also believe we are being handing this opportunity on a silver platter, and I hope we don't screw it up.

I have to be honest and say the Universe probably isn't viewing this opportunity in the same revenge mood that I am, but the end result will still be the same. Gay people will get some revenge, and the Universe gets to help shine some light and truth on what these evil ones within the White House are up to.

The first area they will help shine some light is to let the world know that there is one hell of a lot of high level government, military and media people who are all batting for our team. They just swing their bats behind closed doors so nobody can keep score.

That is why this story is taking so long to take off. It truly isn't in their best interest to pursue it. This has the potential to open up a gigantic can of worms in Washington, and most people don't want that can opened. They would prefer to play with their worms in private.

Speaking of worms, you also have to take into account every movement that takes place in the Bush White House, is designed, orchestrated and implemented by Karl Rove. He designed and implemented the attack on gays in the last election. He is called "the architect" by President Bush because he designs the blueprints, then gives George Bush a copy and tells him what to say and do.


The wonderfully ironic thing about this whole story is how everything has rapidly come full circle. Last year, spear headed by the mastermind of Rover, many of these people purposely and also unmercifully put all of us gay people on the chopping block simply to get Bush back in office. And by doing so, they single handedly reversed the progress of gay rights in America.

It didn't affect their lives too much, because their gay lives are securely hidden and locked away from public view. But it sure did affect my life and the lives of many of my gay brothers and sisters.

I am usually not a catty fag, but this time I would like to make an exception. I do feel revenge is in the air, and I sincerely believe the Universe has given us an opportunity to turn the tables on the evil ones. We now have the chance to shine some light into their personal lives and put them on the chopping block.

In reality, we are not asking for much. We just want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I know I can face the truth about how I conduct my life, I am just wondering if all the people in the White House can do the same? I guess we will soon find out.

Craig Fuller is a gay author of two spiritual books.
What if We Are Love
& Five Secrets to Unlock Your Soul's Energy
nice article 04.Mar.2005 10:17

U. Sam

Nice to hear it from another perspective. Unity is the key, do not let them divide.

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

When they came for the social democrats,
I did not speak out because I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out because I was not a Jew;

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Please explain 04.Mar.2005 11:43


How exactly did the Bush administration "orchestrate an attack on gays"
in the last election?

Don't forget Dick Cheney's daughter is a homosexual, and he professed
his love for his daughter and respect for however Americans choose to

Wasn't it really John Kerry and his running mate who made a point of
discussing Mary Cheney's sexual orientation in the debates? Weren't
they the ones who were using sexual orientation as a way to divide

To border 04.Mar.2005 12:09

Are you serious?

How can you be so stupid?!

George Bush repeatedly stated he would support an ammendment to our Consitution that would write discrimination against gay marriage into it. BTW, no ammendment has ever taken rights away from people, the majority have bestowed new rights to citizens.

Wake up and stop spewing the Recrapilcans' party line.

The only reason Kerry even mentioned Cheney's daughter was to highlight the divide in the Bush admin. over the issue (ex. Bush wants to ban gay marriage and Cheney won't support his efforts). It was also a way for Kerry to humanize the issue to a national audience.

Round 2 04.Mar.2005 14:14


Personal attacks aside, I wasn't "spewing" anything. I was pointing out
how the Kerry campaign made a calculated decision to bring up Mary
Cheney's lesbianism when it had no bearing on the campaign. To claim
it was done to "humanize the issue" shows an incredible naiveté and/or
partisanship on your part. You seem to get quite defensive when your
beliefs are challenged.

11 states voted to ban homosexual marriage, including a vast majority of
voters in Oregon. I doubt they can all be considered queer-hating
bigots. More likely they felt their opinions were not being considered
regarding such a fundamental change in a societal institution and were
left with no other option but voting in favor of those amendments, an
issue the Republicans successfully picked up on.

border 04.Mar.2005 15:14

you bore me

First of all, you weren't "challenging my beliefs". And I still think you're an idiot.

Second, I clearly stated that it was BUSH who made of an issue of gay marriage by stating his support for a consitituitional ammendment (hint: the thrust of my arguement). A fact you conveneniently ingnore it your response.

Thirdly, everyone (but apparently you) knows that Rove masterminded this issue so he could get evangelicals out in droves for the election (which, I'm suspecting you are).

You're right about the 11 states (including Oregon) who voted gainst gay marraige. But that arguement is TOTALLY BOGUS. Rights are not a "majority rules" issue. Rights protect minorities.

I'll give you an example so you may learn something. Interracial marriage was overwhelmingly opposed just a few decades years ago, but our Consitution has an equal protection clause that protects the rights of minorities. So, it doesn't really mattter what the majority of Oregonians think, or vote. Gays have the fundamental RIGHT to marry like eveyone else (like me, a heterosexual white male who just married last year for the first time). Thank you in advance for your congratulations.

how border trolls work 04.Mar.2005 18:11

Turing's Algorithms

Note that "border" refuses to even acknowledge mention of the UNPRECEDENTED CONSTITUIONAL AMENDMENT touted in the prelude to the most recent stolen election, choosing instead to hide behind a curtain in which marriage is not a contract between consenting adults, but a STATE INSTITUTION that must be protected from homosexuals.

Good *work*, "border"!

Unbelievable 05.Mar.2005 15:14

Visitor Q

Unbelievable. Here we are in the 21st century, and human beings are having a 16th century debate over sexuality.

This is the cultural and social environment that produces a George Bush, or a Lars Larson, etc. Utterly backward, utterly reactionary, and utterly stupid. Personally, I have given up arguing with conservatives; I might as well try teaching a cow to talk. A lost generation, they are.

Those of us who are young have a staggering amount of work to do, sweeping back the tide of political reaction, and moral and intellectual rot that defines 21st century life. Conservatives and other apologists for the current social order must answer for nothing less than presiding over the decay of civilization and the destruction of our planet. This is the legacy they defend.

its not old/er people you are fighting against 05.Mar.2005 17:06


There are a huge number of young republinazis thinking they are saving all of us from the evils of a godless lifestyle. To move our efforts forward we need to embrace like thinkers of all age groups and move on to a more pro-world order. The young republinazis are the scariest group to me, so young and so hateful with many years to live, hate and hypocracize.

Gay marriage is not an age issue either. It is a rights issue but, I think for starters the government should not be in the business of marriage anyway. It should be that the government bestows is gracious blessing upon the union of anyone. It is not the business of the state and gives them a power of the people that they should never have been given. Where in the constitution does it give them the right to marry anyone anyway? They just collect the tax for the license fees and use it to subjugate women, much like a car title document. Nor should we have let them give special tax considerations for this status. Free yourselves and don't worry about stupid crap.