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our responsibilites as human beings
If you do not criticize a leader who you believe is causing great destruction around the world, are you more than just a fool? One of the things that our generals made the people of Germany see was the concentration camps and bear witness to what the German government did to the innocent people of the conquered nations. We forced them to see what was done in their name. That is the point; we said in 1945-48 that leaders and nations could be held responsible for war crimes. If you do not question your leadership during war, a war of our choice in Iraq, go to a real dictatorship like Saudi Arabia and live out your prefabricated lives.

The cost in lives lost in this war is terrible, we know about how many of our sons and daughters have been sacrificed----how many innocent civilians have been slaughtered in the name of spreading democracy is unknown. Our President has refused to count the dead, because he does not want your sensitive soul to be troubled by such mundane details like how many women and children have been ripped apart by our bombs from the skies or from the other lunatics who want us out of Iraq. The war is with terrorists, not the Iraqi people, and if you do not know the difference try reading something outside your bible and comic books or believing what Fox or drug dealers tell you is truth. You have access to the newspapers of the world, read what they think about our president and then ask the forbidden question, "Is it possible that our great nation has become a monster under this administration?"

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Reichstag Fire 03.Mar.2005 11:41

billy ray

The 9/11 tragedy was this country's "Reichstag Fire" -an excuse to ignore the Bill of Rights and turn the US into a fascist state.

The Dogs Run Wild 03.Mar.2005 12:58

dan newth

We set them loose
promised they'd behave,
but the dogs of war
smell blood and they rage.

When we broke the chains
their nature we knew.
When the dogs run wild
their nature runs true.

14 signs 03.Mar.2005 13:06

of fascism

LOST WE ARE 03.Mar.2005 14:47

JD WALSH tendjoe@aol.com

did you ever think that for the first time we have a rogue government here in the united states of america?

we have lost our free media to the corporations,

we have lost our souls to indifference,

we have lost our way to a wonderful destiny,

we have sold our very souls to the devil for reality tv.

a war poem

the ghost train

standing at the station, a soldier and wife,
being in the national guard was supposed to save lives,
the wife wonders what has happened that she must think of war.

in the mist the president speaks, "we must wipe out this threat,
bombs and bullets are the way, not the permission from any state,
we were attacked; we were attacked and must go to war."

the soldier's clothes are made of wool, the sheep gave to warm,
the solder's bag is dark, like blood that been to air,
the wife wonders about that bag, the card she gave to warm.

the wife will look to that clock and wonder about the kids,
two boys that love their father oh so much, will they see and hear,
their hero, their dad, their mentor, their foundation, their love.

the train does come, in the mist-----the wife looks again to the clock,
the soldier wipes a tear, as so many have done before, \
the soldier will fight for freedom and justice and die this week.

the soldier was standing in the street, in sand but not the beach,
the soldier thinking of the boys and his wife, did fall,
the president did recall, that lunch was late and his desk a mess.

the wife in black, the sons in black and the president too,
the family in the grave, will speak of heroes and sons,
the music will play and birds will fly, and we will cry.

the president in black, tie so stright and shoes are shined,
the music will play and we do cheer, "hail to the chief,"
the news is good, the lunch is here and the desk is neat.

in the mist, the train does come again and again and... ?

jd walsh