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Richard Rosenthal looking for job in Denver

Portland's Director of IPR is looking for a new job
Our man Richard Rosenthal, director of Portland's "Independent Police Review" is looking for a job as director of Denver's IPR.
this is great news, don't you think... 03.Mar.2005 12:16

let us

encourage him to move on!

The Kroeker-era is over and those still in that time-warp are best off somewhere else!

Waving bye-bye is what we should be doing to this dude!

Robert King is Rosenthal's reference 03.Mar.2005 12:28


The Rocky Mountain Review says that Rosenthal gave as a reference for his good work in Portland, the head of the police union.

good riddance 03.Mar.2005 13:55

rosenthal victim

Rosenthal sucks. He's rude. He's biased. He's a liar. He's a cop apologist who has absolutely no business heading a police accountability administrative agency. The people of Portland have been very poorly served by Rosenthal. He has supported numerous cops who have done really terrible things. He does not support victims or even listen to them. In his view cops do no wrong and victims are liars. Mostly because of him the IPR/CRC is a complete joke. It's the citizens who suffer since he doesn't do his job yet deceives people into thinking that he does - that makes people unsafe because rogue cops don't get disciplined. The result is that there is no police accountability and so the only recourse left to victims is the courts - that costs the citizens money. Rosenthal is a huge liability and it will be good to see him get the hell out of this city.

P.S. If Potter really cares about police accountability he would have fired Rosenthal when he took office.

the reason Rosie has been so pro-cop 03.Mar.2005 20:33

according to rumors

is some of 'em have compromising info on the dude...that make's him their boy!

no job anywhere 04.Mar.2005 14:49


He shouldn't have a job anywhere if all that's been said about him is true. If you think he sucks so bad then don't just export your problem to another population like the US does with its trash.

truth never got in Rosenthal's way 04.Mar.2005 16:19

Oregonian says he's leaving because of Portland schools

the problem with that remark is

he doesn't live in Portland--what's up Richard--Mirror mirror on the wall-who is the lyingest of them all--its Richard the lying hearted

why is Rosenthal leaving? 04.Mar.2005 21:08

that's easy to answer

while the term "regime change" hasn't meant much in Baghdad, it has meant a lot here in PDX.

No longer having main task of wiping for Kroeker's butt, nor having Vera to wipe his, it time to
move on as these "types" need that sort of arrangement to adequately function in the work world!