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Conservative Businessman Makes Anti-gay Remark To 13 Year-old

Lou Novak of the Rental Housing Association Of Pudget Sound, a conservative organization, said "Looks like it's anal sex week," to a group from the Life Long AIDS Alliance visiting the capitol during Aids Awarness Week. The group included a 13 and 16 year old. What ever happened to conservatives protecting children from explicit language?

I am just wondering if there is a anti-gay sentiment, bigotry and discrimination within the RHAPS. With leaders like Novak, one has to wonder. I better call and ask: 206-283-0816
Anti-gay remarks fuel call for action
REBECCA COOK; The Associated Press
Last updated: March 3rd, 2005 07:05 AM

Legislators are demanding an apology from a businessman who made anti-gay comments to a group visiting the Capitol for an AIDS awareness day.
"Looks like it's anal sex week," Lou Novak loudly remarked as a group from the Life Long AIDS Alliance walked though the state House office building.
The group included a 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy. The boy's family recently moved because of anti-gay prejudice in his neighborhood.
Novak is first vice president of the Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound, a landlords' organization.
The leader of the AIDS awareness group, Suzie Saxton of Yakima, followed the man into the public Capitol cafeteria and asked him what he'd said. She said Novak repeated his comment and told her people shouldn't engage in irresponsible sex and ask for public money. The incident happened Feb. 23.
The Associated Press obtained a copy of a Senate report on the incident and spoke to Novak and Saxton on Wednesday. The Senate got involved when a woman sitting with Novak in the cafeteria called security. Senate Counsel Mike Hoover investigated the incident and wrote the report, which notes that the Legislature's rules of decorum and respectful workplace policy apply to visitors as well as lawmakers.
Novak said he regrets his remarks and will write a letter of apology. "The remark was made in private and they just happened to overhear it, and that's very unfortunate," Novak said Wednesday night. "I'm certainly sorry that anyone was offended by it."
He said he did not recall repeating the remark in the cafeteria.
The president of the Rental Housing Association wrote a letter of apology to several legislators, saying Novak will no longer represent the association in Olympia.
The incident might affect consideration of House Bill 1515, which would ban discrimination against gays and lesbians in employment, insurance and housing. It passed in the House and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate.
Opponents recently argued on the House floor that the bill is unnecessary because such prejudice is dying out.
"The first vice president of a rental association attacking some kid ... is Exhibit A of why we need House Bill 1515," said Rep. Ed Murray (D-Seattle), the bill's sponsor. Murray is gay.
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