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White House Moonstruck over Gannongate

More on the moon connection as gannongate unravels. Thoughts from Cannonfire, Madsen, and House Democrats vote on investigation.
Wayne Madsen takes us back to the reagan/bush years and unravels more about naval officers and their pedophilia ring in this new piece:

GOP pedophilia and S&M trysts: A long history going back to Bush 41 and Reagan

Cannonfire has some thoughts on the moon connection and Doug Wead(the guy with the "bush smoked pot" tapes), he picks apart the Reagan Scandal and asks some questions, but hasn't explored moon's deeper connection to the japanese fascists connected to moon, the fact that moon has done over a year in prison for his white collar crimes, and the clear agenda he has. Bloggers comment on connections to the democracy now piece about "confessions of an economic hitman" and the plan to "americanize" the world.

More on the Moon connection: "Gannon" and Doug Wead

Portland User's explore the moon/fascist connections:

While the "white(house)-wing media" play damage control and trumpet the return of Jeff Gannon, the story keeps unfolding, but Anthony Wade takes on the spin factor in this piece:

Unfairness and Inaccuracy in Media, The Propaganda-Apologists Continue to Shill For Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert

Finally, just in via Whatreallyhappened.com through rawstory.com, some democrats will force a vote on an investigation, to put republicans on the record as to supporting an investigation into the gannon/plame connection. They know it will get voted down as is the norm from this republican congress, but they hope if they are on record it will help in future congressional elections as to wether or not they supported an investigation on national security breaches.

"Among those supporting the resolution include ranking Judiciary Committee Democrat Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), ranking Rules Committee Democrat Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and ranking Government Reform Committee Democrat Henry Waxman (D-CA). Other Judiciary Democrats are also expected to sign on."

"Reps. John Conyers (D-MI) and Louise Slaughter have already filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with Homeland Security and the Secret Service demanding all documents relation to Gannon?s credentialing. To date, they have received no response."

House Democrats will force vote on Gannon investigation as it relates to outed agent

Failure to carry on with an investigation will cast another dark shadow over the Bush administration and their unsuccesfull war on terror, that has resulted in the loss of civil liberties at home, increased international skepticism and hatred, and the continuing deaths in a conflict that has crippled the United States financially, continues with no end, no plan, and a propaganda war that has done more damage to America then a dirty bomb could ever do.
An Oncoming Disaster 03.Mar.2005 11:46

billy ray

Don't be surprized if Rep. Conyers commits "suicide" or has a fatal accident in the near future.

glad to have it all in one place 03.Mar.2005 13:17


....Yeah, or possibly a "murder-suicide pact with Barbara Boxer.
Everybody who reads this link ought to forward it to everyone they know. Kudos to Wayne Madsen.

I'd be suprised if he 'committed suicide' 03.Mar.2005 19:38


I really dont think there's been a member of congress that's committed suicide since the 1840's.

there have been members that get suicided 04.Mar.2005 10:32

eyes closed tight

They just do it by boarding the wrong planes or accidentally falling down a flight of stairs.