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KBOO Morning News Story List 3/3/05 - Iraq deaths top 1500

We post the headlines so you can get a quick summary of what we thought were the good stories for today. also, we encourage feedback about anything important we missed, particularly local stories of interest to the progressive community
Chris Andraea produced and edited the news. sarah gladen spoke it. carlos chavez fiddled the knobs

1. Oregon introduces a new prescription drug program.
2. The Oregon Senatee Environment and Land Use
Committee held hearings on two forest bills.
3. CPRO: Budget talks in the Oregon Legislature are on
hold this week after partisan fighting - what used to
be called debate.
4. City council meeting - Andy Seaton reports.
5. Jewish groups accuse Senator Robert Byrd for
anti-semitic things he didn't say.
6. Oregon Gurad in Iraq and what can be done about it.
7. Navy SEAL officer receives reprimand for the murder
of an Iraqi civilian.
8.*!*!*!US troop deaths in Iraq top 1500*!*!*!*!
9. Ex-Nazi guard loses citizenship.
10.Arnold Schwarznegger gets lots of gifts.
11.Senate Republicans ready to push Arrctic refuge
drilling measure.
12.US accuses Iran of cynically pursuing nucular
13.Vietnam alarmed about spread of bird flu.
14.FSRN: Doctors are the new targets in Iraq.
15.FSRN: Guatamalans protest CAFTA.

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