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Nader:Support Conyers on Impeachment - link here to email

Ralph Nader told the nation to support Rep. Conyers who is considering moving forward on impeachment hearings. Only people of his state can contact his DC office, emails are filtered.
Mr. Nader said Bush is "the most impeachable President in Modern History" and talked about high crimes and misdemeanors committed by this administration for oil.

He also urged citizens to do simple things like sending emails. Millions of emails will have an affect on Legislators that they will have to address.

Click on the link below to send a message to his Judiciary Committee Democratic Members.
Thank you for taking the time to do your civic duty.


This link takes you straight to the form.
Thanks, Messenger 03.Mar.2005 11:23

Democrat Troll

Thanks, Messenger, for the research and the link. (And thanks again to Mr. Nader!)