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The Empire Requires "Volunteers"

Emperor George II and Grand Imperial
Army Preparing To Accept "Volunteers"
George II and Cabal will announce on March 31
that the Empire's military will re-implement
the draft within 75 days.
Despite all the "denials" by the Bushites that
the military will continue as a volunteer army,
the Empire will re-instate the draft.

The armies of George II are now enmeshed in a no-
win situation in Iraq, and are being slowly but
surely defeated at the hands of "third-rate
rag-tag terrorists." With the loss of over 1,500
troops, and the coming invasions of Iran and
Syria, the Empire has issued a "stop loss" order
which will keep troops in the Middle East,
against their will, to fight the "war on terror"
to bring "democracy and freedom" to the Arab

The Empire has deployed 9-10 military divisions in
Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as 21 combat brigades
currently on active duty in Iraq, Afghanistan,
South Korea, and the Balkans, which is approximately
63 per cent of the military's combat strength.
The Empire's armies are obviously over-extended,
and George II has been frantically trying to plug
the gap with Reserve and National Guard troops,
but this is merely a band-aid solution.

The official policy of George II and Court is
one of "pre-emptive strikes" against nations
that are "hot-beds" of "terrorist activity",
to enforce "regime change" against those who
foolishly resist the interests of the church-
state Empire. The invasions and occupations of
Iran, Syria, Korea, Cuba, among others, will
require thousands of fresh troops. All of these
"rogue states" are on the Empire's hit list.

The four branches of the Empire's military have
seen a sharp drop in enlistments in 2004, and
enlistments in all branches of the military are
at a thirty year low, thus the Empire is unable
to maintain the current troop levels it needs.
The Empire will rigidly enforce its "stop loss"
policy to keep all of its troops in the Middle
East, and will not allow any armed forces member
to return home after their enlistments end.

March 19th is the second anniversary of the war
in Iraq, and Emperor George II has ordered the
Selective Service System to have his plans for
a draft to be implemented by March 31, and for
the plan to be fully operational within 75 days.
This means that the Empire's royal subjects can
look forward to "volunteering" in the Grand
Imperial Armies by June 15, 2005, to be all that
they don't want to be.

For more info on to refuse and resist:





An e-mail I wrote to my representatives 03.Mar.2005 11:30

March Hare

The Draft proposal
Mood: irritated
Now Playing: Disgust
Topic: The Draft
We don?t need to start drafting young men and women to solve the problem overseas. We need to get the Iraqis trained and set up to take care of themselves and we need to get out ASAP. Too much has been lost already.
It's time to cease the the foreign adventurism, and take care of problems at home. There are plenty of things that need fixing right here in the U.S.A. and I don?t mean Social Security.

not a chance 04.Mar.2005 06:17


Training Iraqis will not work, it didn't work in Viet Nam and it can't work there either. It is a failed approach being espoused by the same idiots that tried it in Viet Nam. These "people" have learned nothing from the their last failure and will continue to fail in the future. We can only hope that all these tired old "Greatest Generation" wannabees die out soon.