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Cut The Portland Business Alliance's Budget

The Portland Business Alliance Budget Should be Cut Consistent with their own recommendations to cut other parts of the city budget
The Portland Business Alliance represents big downtown businesses in Portland. They have a huge voice at city hall. See "Businesses try softer touch with council". Portland Tribune, March 1, 2005.

A couple of things bother me about this:

1. The PBA represents a very small section of Portland--downtown and the bigger business community. Yet they have had and continue to have a huge say in what goes on in Portland. They continue to command the ear of the city council and they hire their own cops who continue to harass street musicians. I have had confrontrations with these cops when they hassle musicians and the cops do not know the law and they are bullies.

2. The big one: The PBA is in part funded by us, the citizens of Portland. Our taxes go to pay for part of THEIR BUDGET, yet, we do not have a voice in their lobbying of city council.

My suggestion: Cut the umbilical cord. Cut the money that goes to the PBA. Why should we pay for their lobbying particularly if the city's budget needs cutting?

Anyone with me on this?

Alan Graf?

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Makes Sense 03.Mar.2005 08:10


The PBA should be self-funded as it essentially is not a "public service." It serves it's owns needs which is fine, however it does not provide the public with essentials. Let the PBA do it's own fundraising and justify it's own existence.

PBA members self-tax 03.Mar.2005 08:14


My understanding of the revenue source for the PBA's efforts downtown is a self-tax imposed on downtown properties based on their square footage. Most downtown property owners agree to this self-taxing scheme and the majority vote by owners carries this tax (some owners don't want it, but they are in minority) Also this self-tax is not imposed on churches, govt buildings, etc, but only private property. The City's roll is to invoice owners for their share, collect the money, and then turn it over to PBA for their use at their discretion. So, I do not think that general fund revenue(your tax money) goes to support PBA. At least, not to my knowledge.

PBA used to generate additional revenue from the downtown Smart Park parking contracts, but I understand the contracts are no longer theirs.

Alan Graf knows his shit 03.Mar.2005 12:42

Person afraid to use his own name

I cannot remember Alan Graf posting an article on indymedia before or maybe i just don't spend enough time on indymedia. Alan why don't you summit a column to The Alliance or street roots, Marc Jolin has but now that Marc has gone to the dark side (real estate law) he won't have time to write his column.
Please take these comments tounge in cheek.